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I Don’t Want To, I Don’t have To, You Can’t Make Me!

I have been seen wearing a T-shirt lately that I received from my Granddaughter Robin and her husband David.  It ...
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If I were a Carpenter

The other day my wife asked me to repair the birdhouse down by the creek.  So, after finishing the project ...
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Why did this happen to me?

Were you aware that 25% of our population is under 18 and 13% of us are at least 65 or ...
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How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you are?

On March 27th Jerilyn’s brother, Wayne, passed away.  He was 72 years old, suffered from juvenile diabetes and for the ...
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Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he reap

A lot of things we encounter in our daily lives bring back memories.  Like you, I get a few e-mails ...
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Yard work

Well, it finally happened.  My Uncle KD lost his battle with cancer on Thursday (12/6) at 4:25 pm.  It will ...
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As My World Turns


֎ My wife and I sat down to watch a war movie titled, “12 Strong”. It was based on a true story and described America’s first response to the 9/11 tragedy. As expected, it was filled with violence and within 10 minutes my wife was asleep. She would be jolted awake occasionally by the noise blasting from the screen, but within a few minutes was cutting some more zzzzz’s. Finally, she got up and headed for the kitchen to wash our dinner dishes (I would dry them after the movies was over).

I think that men need to see a war movie every so often, it seems to be the way we are built. For some unknown reason, our DNA requires that we either participate in something violent or watch something violent. Maybe, it’s testosterone driven, who knows, but something makes us fascinated with all things violent. Sure, there of those of us that are not, but one thing for sure, we are certainly different then women. American Football & boxing come to mind as violent sports belonging primarily to men. I have pretty much concluded that without women the world would be less peaceful. In countries where the female voice is suppressed there is unspeakable vehemence.

I remember as an 18-year-old, going through basic training for the US Air Force at Lackland AFB, in San Antonio, Texas, and being around only men for 7 weeks. I was pulling KP one day, washing pots & Pans and taking the plates that were thrust to me by strong looking arms thru a hole in the wall. Suddenly, without warning, through the hole came a woman’s arm, small, tender, with fingernails colored bright red. A wonderful feeling swept over me. This marvelous looking arm meant to me that civility was still present somewhere. I knew that men would only be so violent if women were present. They seem to instill restraint in men, to encourage their better nature to come front and center.

Nevertheless, we men still need some violence in our life, and watching an occasional war movie does it for me.

Don Marquis said, “Man cannot be uplifted; he must be seduced into virtue.”