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falling short in the expectations we have for ourselves

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As My World Turns


Our local Thrift Store had its “Christmas Special” sale on Friday evening at 6:00 pm a few weeks ago.  Many of our 12,000 residents look forward to that event.  We arrived within ½ hour of the event and there were, perhaps, 15 people in line already.  By the time the doors opened there we at least 75 people behind us.

Keep in mind that all of their merchandise was donated by someone who used it potentially for many years. Nevertheless, year after year several hundred people show up to buy Christmas toys, decorations and gifts.  My wife and I devised a plan that had her going to the right after we entered and myself going left.  We were to place in our basket anything we thought we might want, since it could always be returned to the shelf later if we (my wife) decided we (my wife) didn’t want it.  The items were priced anywhere from $2 to $30 and for the latter you were getting a pretty good item for your money.

We left an hour and a half later and the bill came to $60.  Yeah, we got some good Christmas stuff (a bear that sings “Jingle Bells” when you push his button, etc. 😊), but the most pleasure was derived from being around a lot of enthusiastic people whose eyes were wide, and their spirit filled with the expectation of finding that perfect gift or decoration at a ridiculously low price.  In addition, they had a snack table filled with delicious cookies, candies, etc., and coffee and bottled water to wash it down.

I think the reason I enjoy it so much is that it gives me the opportunity to see the “Christmas Spirit” at least a month before it is supposed to descend upon us like a cloak and make us feel warm and comfortable deep down inside.  When I was a young boy in the coal mining camps of Virginia, that cloak always descended in early December.  When my two children were young the cloak returned again every December.  Now? Not so much, except when we head off to the Thrift Store Christmas Sale!

I surely hope that you have something like that to tug you into the Christmas season, whether you are a Christian or not. I think I am never so peaceful as when the cloak arrives and peace is the angel resting on my shoulder.