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Family, a group of people that share the same memories

Well, it’s done!   The big boat is gone!   My cousin Jesse and his family arrived Friday night to take the ...
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For One More Day

I have been reading a book given to me by my son, titled, “For One More Day” by Mitch Albom, ...
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Discarded PC gadgets

I heard the story about an old Navajo Indian that was telling his two grandsons about there being to wolves ...
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Buying stocks

I went out the other day and ate breakfast with my Uncle KD and his wife.  He continues to fight ...
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Cleaning out the shed

I have spent the last week cleaning out the shed and I am amazed at what I found in there ...
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Is life a series of bad news with good news interspersed here and there?

The other day I was working outside in the sun in 95° weather.  After an hour, I started feeling weak ...
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As My World Turns

When I hear the Robin in spring,

Repertories of the Mockingbird,

Quails, repeating ‘bout “Old Bob White”,

Pheasants rising from new corn shocks,

I go back!

When I think of that first girlfriend

Having to walk lonely hollows,

Chancing a shower of hostile stones,

Because my brogans were too loud,

I go back!

As I see the sun sink westward,

As though it fell into the sea,

The reds, the pinks, the orange glows,

The purple haze that follows this,

I go back!

As I hear a true mountain tune,

Played by a spot-on balladeer,

I follow brooks meandering,

To that cabin upon Shack Ridge,

I go back,

To days of childhood, roaming ‘round,

Over the hills, deep hollows of

Old Virginia where I was born,

Another place I could not love!

I Go Back!

Frank Shortt