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Our latest trip

The time just flew by during our trip to PA, NY and CT last week. We had to cut our ...
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And they will follow me to heaven someday

I received an e-mail from my grandchildrens mother the other day and she told me this about my youngest granddaughter ...
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Winter vegetable garden

This past Saturday I ran in the Mariners Museum 10K race (6.2 miles).  There were about 250 runners of various ...
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They will all be gone in 100 years

I ran across this article on crying in Newsweek the other day (by Gordon Marino) and found it interesting. I ...
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Home to Big Stone Gap

The novel I completed last week titled “Home to Big Stone Gap” said that when mountain people die they are ...
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Why do we always look for the easiest solution?

It seemed as though the rain would never stop yesterday, but it did.  The yard is soaked.  Thankfully, the sun ...
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As My World Turns


֎ “What a wonderful life I’ve had! I only wish I’d realized it sooner.” …Collette

I used that quote in a “WoW” that I wrote way back in August of 2007 titled, “A Place to Be Alone”.  That was true then and it remains true to this very day.  I am guilty of not recognizing the wonderful life I enjoy, or if I do so in prayer, as soon as I’m finished, I immediately sweep it from my mind and move on to other matters. I am reminded of an interview a TV reporter had with Senator John McCain about his terminal brain cancer.  I surmised from Senator McCain’s interview that he had experienced a wonderful life, had no regrets, and was ready to accept death and meet his maker in the afterlife.  I sorta assume that most of us expect life will be filled with fun things to do, especially, after working hard on a daily basis and missing very few days at work.  Sadly, as we grow older we find that life is full of highs and lows and that sometimes the lows can be life threatening.  And, as we all have experienced, it doesn’t have to be something that happens to us, but to those we love deeply.  Watching all the tragedy that the evening news produces on a daily basis makes me sad, but when tragedy strikes home the sadness transitions to heartbreak.  Like you, when tragedy strikes I constantly strive to keep a positive outlook.  That fails me when I fall asleep at night, when all my worst fears run rampant, like a spooked herd of cattle in the 50’s westerns of long ago.  I am relieved to get out of bed the next morning so I can put those fears behind and start a, new, positive day.  That’s when I want the tranquility of heart that resides there when I am awake.