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  • A Gaudy Display of Christmas Cheer! (12/14/2017) - We have a cherry tree in our front yard that’s about 15 feet high, and each year we decorate it with huge & colorful Christmas balls. After- Christmas sales always yield good buys on more of them, and currently, we are up to around 150. This is an elaborate display of Christmas cheer and is […]


  • Write Drunk, Edit Sober (8/28/2017) - ” Write drunk and edit sober” …Ernest Hemmingway😊I ran across that quote in a book by Ann Handley titled: “Everybody Writes.” I believe we have become a society of writers, sometimes unaware that we are communicating by the written word. Many of us write blogs, more use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, text messaging and on and […]
  • Want To see What I’m Dreaming? (1/2/2017) - Christian Wiman wrote; “As a small child I would sneak into my parents’ room in the middle of the night and peel open their eyelids in the hopes that I could see what they were dreaming”. As an adolescent, I would sneak into my parent’s room and listen to them breathing. Dad had sleep apnea […]
  • Music & Memories (5/23/2017) - I was listening to my favorite radio station the other day (XM Radio, channel 59-country classics), and they played a song by Slim Willet recorded in 1952 titled, “Don’t Let the Stars​​ Get in Your Eyes” (for you know you are the only one I’ll ever love). ​​ I remembered that song so distinctly that I could recall where I was the first time I heard it. ​​ I was only 11 years old, summer was over and fall was on its way, Mom was cookin’ supper and had the radio playing on the only station we could get (WNRZ-Grundy, VA), Dad was due home from working in the coal mine around 4pm, and my brother Jerry and I were eager to sit down with our parents for a delicious dinner. ​​ At the table, we never talked about Dad’s work, things that went on deep inside those Virginia mountains stayed inside those mountains. ​​
  • Looking Death in the Face (2/15/2017) - A couple of weeks ago, I was given a surprise birthday party. My wife & I expected to be eating at a local restaurant with my son & daughter and when we arrived, there were about 12-15 people looking to celebrate the fact that I was born & the role I played in their life. […]
  • I Think Old George Was Right About Honesty (7/4/2017) - “I hope I shall possess firmness and virtue enough to maintain what I consider the most enviable of all titles, the character of an honest man.” – George Washington.I think old George was right, honesty in all things should be at the top of our list on how to conduct our daily life. Without that […]
  • I Don’t Want To, I Don’t have To, You Can’t Make Me! (10/17/2017) - I have been seen wearing a T-shirt lately that I received from my Granddaughter Robin and her husband David.  It says proudly in bold print:  I don’t want to; I don’t have to; you can’t make me; I’M RETIRED.  It took me a while to warm up to the idea of wearing it.  I have […]
  • Family Tree (10/17/2017) - As some of you know, The Hale Family Reunion happened this past weekend at The Breaks Interstate Park in Southwest Virginia.  I don’t know the official count, but I would guess 150 -200 people attended.  We get together every two years and it is always a pleasure to see family member that I have not […]
  • Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! (8/10/2017) - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions! [docxpresso file=”https://tommyhale.net/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/WOW-14f.odt” comments=”true”] Related posts: No related posts.
  • Cherished Friendships (10/8/2017) - I called an old high school classmate (Hubert) the other day to find out how his battle with cancer was progressing.  We ended our conversation with him telling me that he prayed for me every day.  I was somewhat taken aback.  My prayers always include those I care about that are sick, or, are in […]
  • Chair Sittin’ (11/28/2017) - I drove our new truck to the nearest supplier of masonry sand and had them dump a large scoop of the stuff into the back of that glistening beautiful hunk of molded steel.  Its bed is not quite as large as that of the one it replaced so the sand spilled over on the tailgate […]

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