Missing You

I miss your voice

Your eyes

Your smile

And your face

I miss our long talks

Our jokes

Our holidays

And even our fights

I miss touching your beard

Your hand

Your face

And your softest shirt

I miss having our morning coffee

Watching the news

Doing chores around the house


I miss cooking your meals

Sewing your buttons

Ironing your pants

And the complaining I did

I miss smiling



And laughing with you

I miss waiting



And fighting for you

I miss playing cards



And mind games with you

I miss every big thing

Every little thing

We did

Or didn’t get to do

What else can I say

I simply miss YOU

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  • JoAnn August 10, 2019

    You really got me with that. I felt your loss. And it touched a fear deep down of losing someone we love.
    Susan is away for just a few days at a retreat, but the house is so quiet. I think that opened me up to
    receive the full impact of your poem. Thank you for sharing. And may the Great Architect comfort

  • JoAnn August 11, 2019

    Nice Poem and thought!

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