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Spider Quick Step



I walked through my front door the other day and the first thing I saw was a spider the size of the palm of my hand.  Just hanging out casually in the middle of my living room floor.  I let out a noise that I do not know how to spell.  I did a couple quick steps and stomped on my unwelcome visitor.  I'm sure it was only a spider of the garden variety and probably just as scared of me, but I did not want it in my personal space.  Why come inside anyway is the question I find myself asking.  What does a spider need indoors that he can't get outdoors?  He should not trespass. 


I did feel a little guilt after the fact.  Still do.  Silly to most people I would imagine.  My daughter Christine is a scientist.  She has often told me to not kill the "good" spiders and snakes that eat other bad bugs, mice, etc.  Her prompting has worked with mice, but I have yet to see a spider I could let go.  Maybe it's all the legs, or the vision of a horrible bite that causes an emergency trip to the doctor before the poison sets in and I lose a limb!  See how my imagination runs away with me at the mere mention of a spider?  


Poor guy, you didn't stand a chance.  Better luck to your brother whom I'm certain is lurking in my back yard as I write your eulogy.