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Lets Play Fetch?

 My pet Paisley loves to play fetch with me. What makes that so unique, you say? Well, maybe it’s because Paisley is my cat.  

I have owned cats my entire life. Had them as far back as my 58 years of memory can go. Not once, in all the cats loved, has one ever played fetch with me. 

Paisley has never been interested in actual toys. I guess you could say she prefers homemade ones over store bought. Like pieces of plastic peeled from a package, a cotton swab, button, or the plastic ring that is stripped from a milk jug. Unfortunately, she also loves rubber bands and thread. But I have prohibited those from her possession as she tried to ingest them.  

Paisley can play for 30 minutes or more with whatever tickles her fancy. All I have to say is, “Bring it to Mommy”, and the game of fetch is on. I will take the object of her affection, flick it with my finger to make it fly across the room, and she’s off, stalking and then catching it like her prey, only to return it to my lap for the fun to be repeated. I have been jolted awake many times in the middle of the night with Paisley pawing at me because she has brought me a “toy” and wanted me to play fetch with her. Yes, it’s adorable she does that, but not before dawn! Sometimes, I can kindly tell her mommy is sleeping and she’ll leave me alone. Sometimes I sleep too soundly, and I awake to find several of her toys beside my pillow. Poor baby tried more than once and couldn’t get me to play. 

I’ve heard many times from non-cat enthusiasts that the reason they don’t like cats is that they are boring or stupid. They aren’t like dogs; they say. Well, I believe people make such comments because they have never had a proper relationship with a cat. They have never taken a kitten, cared for it, watched it grow, learned its personality, interacted with it, or loved it. They really don’t know about cats. Very sad.

I am a HUGE cat fan, as you can tell. It would be wonderful if more people, who think they dislike cats, would educate themselves and give a cat a real try. I believe many would fall in love with them, just as I have. There is such an enormous need for adoptive parents for thousands of homeless cats all over the United States. It’s devastating!  

It is really quite easy to own a cat. They enjoy their alone time. Thus, they do not need the constant attention that a dog requires and most do not suffer from any form of separation anxiety like a dog. They do not need to be walked or go potty outside. In fact, they can live their entire lives only indoors, healthy both physically and mentally. This lowers their need for vet visits. My Paisley has been spayed and vaccinated. Other than that, she has never needed a vet’s care. She is the picture of a healthy kitty.  

The only downside to having a cat is the litter box. They must go to the bathroom somewhere, right? I used to hate the litter box. Keeping it clean was a chore. That is no longer the case. The type of litter boxes available, and the technology with the actual litter, has made the job not only very simple, but completely odorless. I use a litter that has no smell or dust yet absorbs all odors. It’s amazing compared to the kitty litter I used for my cats 20 years ago.  

So there really is no excuse anymore not to give a kitty in need a home. Try it. You may just fall in love and end up with a beautiful, unique cat like I did. My Paisley is my little fetching buddy, and I can’t imagine my home without her!         

Psycho Cat!

Psycho Cat

May 19th of this year, I adopted a 6-week-old female kitten as a birthday gift to myself.  Anyone who really knows me, knows that I am a cat lover.  I have often told people that my destination in life is to someday be the neighborhood “Cat Lady”.  Seriously, I really do see this in my future.  It had been 5 years since I had a pet of my own.  The longest amount of time ever for me!  My mother had also been a cat lover and from my earliest memories, cats were a part of my life.  Needless to say, I was over the moon to adopt my new little girl.  It was love at first sight.  I named her Paisley.  This name suited her because of the pattern of her coat.  She is what cat fanciers refer to as a Dilute Tortoiseshell, or Dilute Tortie for short.

A Tortoiseshell cat has a dark mixed coat of black, orange, and sometimes brown.  They appear to be cousins of the Calico.    A Dilute Tortie is just what it implies.  The colors are muted to soft grey, yellows, creams & sometimes white.  I have never owned a Tortie of any kind in my entire 56 years of being a cat enthusiast.  But my sister Jeanie did.  My memories of that cat, named Cookie, are anything but sweet!  Cookie was attached to my sister and only my sister.  No one, and I mean no one, could touch Cookie except my sister.  If you tried, you were guaranteed to have blood drawn so quickly it would leave you wondering what in the heck just happened.  We were teenagers at the time and had to share a full-size bed.  Cookie wanted Jeanie and the bed all to herself.

One night after being attacked for the umpteenth time just trying to get into bed, Cookie and her razor-sharp claws were the last straw for this camel!  In my anger and frustration, I grabbed my mama’s scissors.  I looked my sister dead in the eye, scissors in hand, and told her, “If that psycho cat so much as looks at me again, I will stab her!”.  Jeanie made sure to keep Cookie away from me every night from then on.

When I picked out little Paisley for my very own, that Cookie cat did indeed come to mind.  Surely this angelic, soft colored, light as a feather, tiny little kitten, couldn’t possibly have a personality anywhere remotely close to that dark, demonic Tortie I had once known!  I think you know where this is headed.  After some research, I have learned that cat fanciers regard the Tortie (of any color) as very unique.  Not just in looks and rarity (it’s very rare to find a male Tortie), they do indeed share a very similar set of personality traits, lovingly referred to by enthusiasts as “Tortitude” (sounds cute doesn’t it?).

If by chance you are wondering, yes, my Paisley fits neatly into all the above-mentioned categories.  She can be the sweetest, most lovable little angel one minute, and in a split second be drawing your blood.  Much blood.  Being that I got Paisley in May, I have only worn shorts.  You know where this is going again right? My story at present is, “I have been picking blackberries”.  Since I live in a very rural area in Tennessee, this is quite believable.  I figure that will work until it’s time to prune the rose bushes.  Hopefully by then, she will have outgrown some of her aggressiveness.  If she doesn’t, I can assure you that it will not be from a lack of love.





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