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My Life’s New Chapter

   Well, this past week has been a busy one. We are still doing things that will make the move to our new, “cottage”, easier. We will spend three nights in a small apartment the retirement home provides us, while the movers spend two days packing our stuff and then 2 days unpacking it. The one thing I know for sure: Our life will change radically. I know that some of you reading this have already made the change and are perfectly comfortable with it. I know because I have been in your home and witnessed the contentment on your face. But I’m confident you had apprehensions when the process started. So many things to let go, so many memories brushed aside, like the pollen collecting on our sidewalk.

   My wife and I have gone from not eating out at all since March 2020, to eating out every day (dinner at the retirement community). I asked her the other day how it felt to know she would never have to cook another meal. She smiled, said nothing, but I could sense some sadness in her eyes. Sorta like me, knowing I’ll never mow another lawn, pick up pinecones and gumballs, or sit in front of my workshop after a hard day’s work and smoke my favorite cigar. Our new home is a “smoke free” campus and ‘cuffs await anyone that fractures that rule. I think the sadness comes from knowing that they are “last” things we’ll do. Sadness comes in all forms, and some are much more impactful than others. We just have to know the difference. I wrote a missive on August 16, 2013, titled, “Remember Your First?”, and it’s about things like, first kiss, first sex, first time driving a car, etc. So, here I am now, writing about “Last”. Amusing and sad. If you would like to read it, then click here.

   When all is said and done, we should be sleeping in our new cottage on April 22nd? That’s when the newest chapter of our lives begins. When we sit down in the cavernous dining room to eat our dinner, I bring up the calculator on my smartphone and total up the calories for my meal (each item has it listed), and my selection is based on not allowing my total calorie count slide past 600. Maybe a little, but not by much 😊. So far, I have been able to keep my weight in check, but the fight has just started and there’s a lot of rounds left. We’ll see who won the fight in a year. I read an article online written by a woman who weighs over 400 lbs (here) and I felt so badly for her. With so much good food available, it is so easy to gain weight. Sometimes, I think it is like David fighting Goliath, without the slingshot. Anyway, the fight continues. I am determined that my family doesn’t have to hire six of the strongest men from the local gym to carry me out of the church 😊.

   My youngest great-granddaughter (Taylor-15) sent me a text the other day and said she wanted to write some missives for my website. I was delighted to tell her I would love for her to do that. I also informed her that 99% of my readers are adults and that she should write with that in mind. Who knows, maybe I have a budding writer in the family. I suggested she spend some time observing her grandmother (JoAnn) writing her missives for my website, and reading some of mine, to get an idea of what I post there. Hopefully, she will have something posted soon. I’ll keep you updated. Since September 2017, I have had 161,000 visitors to my website. Hopefully, a lot of them will read her missives.

   JoAnn has a new missive titled,” Let’s Play Fetch” about cats here, and I have rotated some of my “WoWs from The Past” if you are interested.

   Wherever you are on this wonderful planet, I hope life is as good for you as it is for me. I know I am blessed and I’m sure you feel the same. If you have the time, drop me a line, I would love to hear from you…. Tommy    

Life is all memory, except for the one present moment that goes by you so quickly you hardly catch it going.  — Tennessee Williams,

Green Bean

Green Bean

For a few years now, I have been driving a 2004 Chevy Aveo.  It’s a rather small, compact car.  It was passed down to me by my youngest daughter Chelsea.  It had been given to her by her grandfather.  It’s a very bright, neon green color.  Chelsea lovingly named “her” Green Bean.

For all my life, I have driven large cars.  I learned to drive at the age of 15 in my daddy’s 1970, 4 door, Chevy Impala.  I then went on to marry a young man who owned (if my memory serves me right) a 1976 Ford Thunderbird.  I then went on to drive Ford Crown Victoria’s and Grand Marquis.  I continued to drive the same size of vehicles until my Green Bean.

I must admit, it was quite a change driving a car less than half the size of what I had been used to.  At first it was uncomfortable.  I felt cramped and unprotected.  And being neon green, I felt like I stood out …well, like a green thumb.  Lol 

But I quickly realized there were many great features to driving a compact car.  First of course being the great gas mileage.  I was not use to that at all, after driving gas guzzlers for decades!  What a treat to fill my tank and it last me an entire week or more.  It felt like magic!  It also was very nice when parking.  I was able to zip in and out of just about any parking space I wanted.  

I quickly became very familiar and happy with my peppy little Green Bean.  The fact it originally came from two people I love with all my heart, has made it even more special to me.  It’s safe to say that I am attached to my little putt putt car.  I don’t know if I could ever drive a large car again.  

Last week I took Green Bean for several repairs, and for 4 new tires.  And I must admit, I have enjoyed driving her so much more knowing she is at her best.  To me, she is like brand new.  I couldn’t be happier.  I guess some would think that rather silly of me.  Perhaps they’ve never had to be without their own car long enough to realize what a privilege it is.

I know I’m not the first person to be attached to my vehicle.  Why do we become sentimental over an inanimate object like a car?  I do believe my love for my car comes from the fact it was given to me by my daughter and her grandfather.  And at a time in my life that I had not had a car of my own for some time.  It was a gift that I truly needed and was so very much appreciated.  Still is.

So, what is your Green Bean?  I know you have at least one.

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