American Idol

A neon sign that reads " american idol ".

Sometimes, life seems to take me hostage.  My wife is a devoted  “American Idol†fan and it appears, to me at least, that she cannot watch it without me.  Maybe to you that’s no big deal, but this show was on for two hours on Tuesday & Wednesday and will be on for an hour tonight.  This thing will be on until mid-May.  Needless to say, I am in deep concentration on how to extract myself from this dilemma.  I went thru the same thing a few years ago with “Who Wants to Be A Millionaireâ€.  I have to come up with a solution because who know what other “must watch†show will appear on the horizon.   Right now I’m leaning towards “Sweetheart, I need to be working on the taxesâ€, but that is a temporary fix.  I need a permanent fix.  I am open to suggestions.  Anyone? The world lost a wonderful person last week.  A close family friend died after a courageous battle with cancer.  My Uncle KD’s cancer is in remission and we are elated, although fearful of its return.  Jerilyn’s mother continues to struggle with various health problems, but most of them are related to her advanced age (88).   My back gave me some problems last week (age related?), but is better now.   I upgraded my PC’s operating system to Windows Vista Ultimate several weeks ago and I have struggled to get it back to where I want it.  I knew that going in and sorta enjoy doing things like that, so it is no big deal. It seems the battle is heating up for the presidential campaign of 2008.  I like most of the people running, but with the shape our nation is in now, I’m more inclined to stick with someone that knows what they are doing (I think) and has a proven record. To me that person is Rudy Giuliani.  I would like to see a woman as president in my lifetime, but Hillary seems insincere and I have always felt that she would listen too closely to Bill.  Obama seems like a good fellow and, yes, I would like to see a black person president in my lifetime.  To me, he does not have enough experience (maybe in 10-12 years).  Giuliani did wonderful things for New York City while he was in office.  He seem to be an excellent problem solver and demands results, resulting in NYC being a better place to live and visit.  I think he would address and solve our problems in Iraq, the problems we have with illegal immigrants, Social Security and too much “American Idol†on TV.

Until next time,