Guest Missives

Downington, PA / USA - February 24, 2020: A closed Big K Kmart store now sits empty after being closed and shuttered.

Blue Light Special… by JoAnn

Girl growing up to woman illustration

Change in Conversation


It’s Okay… by Jane Strebel


Contagious Giggles… by JoAnn

Back to School Background- for design, postcard, texture -  in vector

First Day… by JoAnn

A group of kids standing in the grass.

🎋The Field Trip… by JoAnn🎋

A man holding a bow standing next to an old cannon.

🎋Andrew Siegler’s Diary(Nine Days Of War)🎋… submitted by Frank

A black butterfly with white background

🎋The Butterfly… by JoAnn🎋

A close up of sliced ham on top of a white surface

🎋That’s Bologney.🎋.. by JoAnn

A wooden chest with the word " memories " written on it.

🎋Memory Lane🎋… by JoAnn