Something Odd… by JoAnn

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Something odd happened to me today. I use a small, stainless steel electric percolator to make coffee. When it was empty, I reached for the plug, and the flabby part of my underarm (you know, the one that plagues all of us older ladies) touched the hot tip of the spout. Ouch! Yes, it hurt, but I couldn’t stop laughing. Of all things to get burnt, the flabby under skin of my arm! Now, that’s odd.

I love it when something odd happens. It always surprises me and piques my interest. I know it sounds simple and silly, but sometimes the simplest of things can bring us the most joy.

Look at stand-up comedians, for example. After listening to many of them, you will realize that their jokes are usually quite short and to the point. Yet the audience roars with laughter when it’s a funny one—simplicity at its finest.

Some of the simplest happenings in life can lead to a great tale being told for generations. Like the time a beloved grandfather hooked a shark. No one mentioned that it was a baby shark and harmless. An odd tale is entertaining.

The Guinness World Records are nothing but oddities. But they have all been meticulously researched and proven as truth. Knowing this makes them all the more “odd” and entertaining! I tried to find out who and what the very first Guinness World Record was ever to be recorded. While I could not find the answer, I discovered that the famous book filled with these records was first published in 1955. It has been published every year since and remains a favorite in 100 countries.

I think our creator wanted us to laugh and laugh often. It’s a part of being well-balanced and being happier in life. He sure made quite a few oddities for us to admire, so His sense of humor is certainly there. My little burn story wasn’t all that intriguing, but I’m sure you remember something odd that happened to you that you have always remembered. Please share with someone. I’m sure they will get a chuckle.


  1. Tommy on March 22, 2024 at 8:02 am

    JoAnn, I mostly see odd shapes in clouds, but occasionally, I meet odd people…Dad

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