Car Shopping… by JoAnn


This week, I found myself in need of a new form of transportation. My sweet little economy car from 2005 decided it was done serving me. It sits quietly in my daughter’s driveway as I write this. Deader than a doorknob. I will miss that cute lime green ride (yes, my car is bright green!). We had a really good run.

Now it’s time for the task of shopping for a newer vehicle. Something I have done in the past, but I must admit, it’s been so long ago that things have changed somewhat since then. In fact, when I began to search for possible cars, my mind was blown! I had no idea there were so many different vehicles being manufactured every year. Where are all these cars going? It seems more cars are being made than there are people. But what do I know.

The last time I actually shopped for a car was in 2005. When that car was done, I was loaned a truck and a couple of vehicles for the line of work I was doing. I considered myself very blessed that my job at the time provided a vehicle for my work and personal needs. Then, around 2016, I was gifted my little “Green Bean” by my daughter Chelsea. She had been promoted in her career and decided to treat herself to a new car—one which she had indeed earned. The sweet daughter she is, she decided to help her Mom out and gave me her little green car. It still had her college sticker on the back window. A sticker I could never bring myself to remove because, well, I’m a mom and something like that is sentimental to a mom. Now, that very worn little green car is sitting dead in another daughter’s driveway. It is bittersweet to me. I do hate to see it go. But I am also excited about having a newer, more reliable car in the future.

I no longer have young grandchildren that I may need to pick up from school or long family trips to make, so a family-sized SUV or sedan is not a desire. I have gotten used to the great mileage an economy car gives me, so I will probably go that route. But a huge question looms over my head: “What car!?” I have absolutely no clue what is available out there.

In my hopes of not feeling so dumb, I have begun to educate myself on how to purchase a newer car. The first thing that became apparent is that 99% of all sales are done ONLINE. Long gone are the cars sitting in someone’s front yard with a For Sale sign attached. Long gone is finding a relative of a little old lady who only drove her car to church on Sundays, and it’s still practically new. That is all in the past now. Our world is much too fast-paced and modern for such a thing. Everything anyone needs to do is done online. At least I know how to use a computer, Google a question, or watch a video on YouTube. So, I have started with Google.

I knew I was out of the loop, so to speak, and behind on how things are done in 2024, but I didn’t realize just how much of an outsider I was until I began Googling cars. WOW! I searched for cars that piqued my interest for hours on end. The internet is filled with companies that are dedicated to helping you find your newest vehicle and delivering it to your front door! For a price, of course. There is no need to go to a car lot and haggle with a salesperson. No need to buy a newspaper and search the want ads. No need to pick up the latest “Shopper” magazine at the gas station. Just type in the make and model of the vehicle you desire, and poof! A car can be sent to you at your convenience. All banking needs can be done online as well. With my mind sufficiently blown, I finally decided to give up my search for that night. When I arose from my chair, I was actually dizzy. So, I also know now that I must pace myself for success.

I have to admit, as convenient as all this sounds, I wouldn’t say I like it. It is all too advanced and scary for me. I prefer the old ways. I have always been a more traditional person, preferring the “old school” methods of doing things. This is no different. Thankfully, my daughter Chelsea and husband Jake agreed to help this mom. Hopefully, with the 3 of us, a car that fits my needs and wants will be found in a respectable amount of time and with a respectable price tag attached.

If you have any suggestions on buying a used car, please pass them along. I can use all the schooling I can get! And if, by chance, you know a little old lady with a car she only drove to church on Sundays, please send her to me.


  1. Tommy on March 12, 2024 at 2:55 pm

    I know that you now have a spankin’ new car sitting in your driveway. Congrats daughter-in-law…Dad

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