I write so I’ll know what I’m thinking

“Two Worlds”


Torn between two worlds, that’s closing in on me,
torn between two worlds, which one will it be?

One world brings the youth that time has taken away,
the other brings contentment and helps me through the day.

Soon, I must decide, just where I want to be.
Torn between two worlds, that are closing in on me.

Phil McCoy

Books I’m Reading

The Shell Seekers by Roseamunde Pilcher

War Beneath The Sea: Submarine Conflict During WW II by Peter Padfield

Three Stores & 10 Poems by Ernest Hemingway

Washington’s End: The Final Years And Forgotten Struggle by Jonathan Horn

Law of Innocence by Michael Connelly

American Revolution by Robert McDonald

The Queen’s Gambit by Walter Tevis

The Scientists Who Changed History by DK

Three Days In January by Bret Baier & Courtney Whitney

List of My 5 Star Movies

Dolittle (for kids ****)

In A Valley Of Violence (western) ***

Once Upon A Time In Hollywood ****

Yesterday ****

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