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“From My Front Porch”     by JoAnn


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The presidential debate

We sure had some high tides last week.  Last Thursday it must have been 5 feet above normal.  Jerilyn had ...
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Visited my brother, Jerry

The last WOW was May 28th and a lot has happened in my life since then. My uncle Claude passed ...
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Into The Wild

There are times when you have to give up. The hose reel is history. After taking it apart for 8 ...
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Our latest trip

The time just flew by during our trip to PA, NY and CT last week. We had to cut our ...
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And they will follow me to heaven someday

I received an e-mail from my grandchildrens mother the other day and she told me this about my youngest granddaughter ...
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My Washington Redskins

Several weeks ago, we were at the Poquoson Seafood Festival and I spotted a guy in his 30’s, wearing a ...
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Winter vegetable garden

This past Saturday I ran in the Mariners Museum 10K race (6.2 miles). There were about 250 runners of various ...
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They will all be gone in 100 years

I ran across this article on crying in Newsweek the other day (by Gordon Marino) and found it interesting. I ...
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Let’s see how much fun we can have today

I received a photo from a friend recently that was a wonderful gift. This is the coal camp in southwestern, ...
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As My World Turns


Welcome Fall


I welcome you Fall
With your bounty of promises
for cooler breezes
And rich, golden hues

Crisp morning air
And steaming coffee cups

The lingering scent
Of burning leaves

My oldest yet softest sweater
New warm socks
for old boots

The smell of cinnamon
is now in fashion

Pumpkins waiting for Thanksgiving
Their color orange
Sprinkles the neighborhood

Dogs barking at fallen leaves
The sound of crunching under my feet

Mama’s call their kids indoors
Sunset is early
Summer nights no more

Hot soup
Simmering on the stove
Welcomes everyone to sit
around the table more

Apple season is in full swing
Can’t stop at just pie
There’s too many to eat

Cuddle up cozy
in your favorite chair
Read the book that’s been waiting
patiently all year

Knit a new scarf
Winter is near
Soon there will be snow
Trees are all bare

Goodbye Fall
Glad you were here
It was good to see you again

Wish you could stay longer
Maybe next year


JoAnn Hale