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“From My Front Porch”     by JoAnn


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Have You Noticed That Women Love To Dance?

    Have you noticed that women love to dance?   I think they are born with an extra gene that us ...
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Bridge of Sighs

I recently read “The Bridge of Sighs” by Richard Russo.  The original “Bridge of Sighs” is a stone bridge in  ...
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The first book ever written on a typewriter

I have just begun to work on our tax paperwork for 2009.  As we all know, it can be a ...
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falling short in the expectations we have for ourselves

I believe there are times when all of us fall short in the expectations we have for ourselves.  The current ...
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Community yard sale

This past Saturday was a lot of fun. Jerilyn & I went, along with our friend Louise, to a community ...
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That’s the way I am!

The expected did happen.  Gladys was moved into the Health Care unit of her retirement community the other day (2/19).  ...
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Buying stocks

I went out the other day and ate breakfast with my Uncle KD and his wife. He continues to fight ...
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Cleaning out the shed

I have spent the last week cleaning out the shed and I am amazed at what I found in there ...
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Is life a series of bad news with good news interspersed here and there?

The other day I was working outside in the sun in 95° weather.  After an hour, I started feeling weak ...
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        As My World Turns



“The Reaper”

It had been three days since he passed away,
when she entered the room where once he lay.

And there on a table, she found his note,
the old woman cried at the words he’d wrote:

Don’t weep for me, now that I’m gone,
I was never meant to live alone.

That I go first and you should stay,
cry not for me, it’s better this way.

You have your friends and to church you’ll go,
you can cook and bake and the flowers you’ll sow.

But life didn’t prepare that I live alone,
I only worked, you made the home.

So, don’t weep for me, for I’ve gone not far,
know that I’m there by the nearest star.

And when he comes again, be be it soon or late,
together we’ll walk through Heavens Gate

…Phil McCoy