🎋Brush Strokes🎋… by JoAnn

A painting of birds flying over the water

I left home today to run errands with only one hour of daylight remaining. I decided to do so intentionally. You see, I wanted to take the four-lane outta town because it has the best view of the sun setting. The sky can be breathtaking. It’s just the road and miles and miles of open farmland.

Today did not disappoint. Although I was a little early for sunset, the sky was still lovely. The sun had just begun its descent, so there was plenty of sunshine and blue sky. This meant I focused on what kind of clouds we had today. Some days the sky is filled with the most enormous, fluffiest clouds you can imagine. It’s almost as if the sky is bursting with clouds. Some days the clouds almost look like a city in the sky, with sun rays peeking through its landscape. Today we had what I like to call “God’s Brush Strokes.” It looks exactly as it sounds like God took a giant paintbrush and made white strokes throughout the blue sky. This kind of sky is my personal favorite. I’m sure there is a Scientific name for this cloud formation, but I like the idea of God using a giant paintbrush better. It brings me more joy to continue looking at certain things from a child’s perspective, and clouds are one of them. It may sound silly, but don’t knock it till you try. You may find it relieves stress.

I began to wonder if other people in Heaven get a turn to paint the sky. Maybe God is not the only one. Maybe each angel gets a turn. Perhaps there are competitions held—just one more of the many fun things we will be doing in Heaven. Remember, there will be no stress there. I hope I will get the privilege of painting a sunset or two, but only when it’s my turn.

Until then, I will catch every sunset that I can. Lucky for me, I live in a city where vibrant sunsets are commonplace. I’ve often commented or heard someone comment on how “Lavender” or “Hot Pink” the sunset is today. I tend to favor the Lavender. One of the reasons I love where I live. Have you noticed a sunset where you live lately? If you haven’t, stop, and look at the sky next time you can. Think of what’s beyond those clouds. Take a deep breath in, and enjoy what you see.