Busy Bees… by JoAnn


Have you ever watched bees working in their hive? If you have, you know how fast they move. They literally link their tiny legs together to form a chain as they work in unison to make their waxy hive. It’s one of the most amazing things in nature.

As I watched a video of bees working, it reminded me of how busy humans are as well. Rushing all day long to get so many things done in the short amount of time each of us has. Twenty-four hours in a day never seems to be enough for anyone. Almost everyone I know spends very little time of that 24 hours resting or sleeping. One of the most important things they need to do for their health, they are too busy to do. I wonder how much time a bee rests. Or if they sleep.

At least we could learn one important lesson from bees: to work in unison. We could all benefit from working together to make our lives a little easier. But most people I know would rather do all the work themselves, not to bother anyone or be a burden. I know I am guilty of this. I’d rather take several days to finish a chore on my own than ask one of my children to help. I have such a fear of being a burden to them. If I did swallow my pride, the chore could be done in a matter of minutes with their help. My daughter once looked at me and said, “Mama, you can do it, but you don’t have to do it!” I keep repeating that whenever I know I should ask her to help me. But she’s such a busy bee, I really hate to bother her.

Busy as a bee is an expression I hear often. I think it’s used often because this generation seems to be the busiest it has ever been in history. It seems if we aren’t busy bees, we are looked at as unsuccessful, lazy, unintelligent even. For example, long gone are the days of enjoying a restful afternoon on the front porch. Something my generation looked forward to all week. I’ve noticed newer homes that are built no longer even have a front porch. I find myself saying how that’s a beautiful house, but I would need to build a porch out back.

I read a quote once by someone I cannot remember the name, but they said, “You’re only as busy as you want to be.” I think many young parents and hard-working individuals would disagree with that statement. But it makes me ponder. Do any of us really have to be as busy as we are? There are probably ways we could each cut out one or two things from our lives that would give us more time for rest and relaxation. Now, to pick which two.

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