Change in Conversation

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Last weekend, my granddaughter Randi came over to spend the night. We both wanted to visit before she moved her stuff back to her dorm at Murray State in Kentucky for her Sophomore year. Summer seemed to fly by in a fiery flash. The heat kept me indoors. I missed opportunities to spend time with my dear granddaughter, that I love.

We had so much to catch up on. I follow all my kids closely on social media. But it’s not the same as sitting down with them in person. To hear their voice, look into their eyes, and hug them tight. Just thinking about it makes me wish for days long ago. Days when you had to see someone in person to learn how they were. Days when grandparents lived with their grown children and grandchildren in harmony. Oh, how I’ve dreamed of a huge Victorian home filled with all of my family, living together and helping one another on the daily. No wonder I’m a fan of the 70’s TV show The Waltons.

Randi had so much to fill me in on. Now 19, she has been busy as a bee helping care for her younger brother with Autism, so her mom and dad can work. She has a loving boyfriend who she sees as much as she can. They have been a couple for several years, and he still makes her happy. That information always makes my heart smile. This summer, Randi continued moving forward with her photography business. She had several weddings to photograph, and many high school Seniors chose her to do their Senior Sessions. All of the photos I have seen are absolutely beautiful. She is creative and talented. To say I am proud of my Randi would be an understatement. She continues to amaze me.

As we said our goodbyes the following morning and hugged each other tight, I flashed back to the dimpled little girl who had always loved me with such ease and unconditional love. After she left, I felt very sad. Almost the way I remember feeling when my own daughters left the nest, and I was alone for the first time. I catch myself once more asking where the years have gone.

The next few days, I found myself thinking back on the conversations Randi had with me on this latest visit. How different they were than any we had ever had before. My grandbaby is no longer a child, she is indeed an adult now. She is well on her way to what I hope is a wonderful life. She no longer needs me or her mom and dad in the ways she always has. She is strong, intelligent, and independent, just as she was raised by everyone who loves her to be.

It gave me great pleasure to talk to my grown granddaughter last week. To speak with her as another adult was indeed strange for me. But as life goes on, there is no denying her growth. She made it to adulthood, and now it’s time for all who love her to see and enjoy the new person she has become.

I doubt I will stop calling her by the special nickname I have always had for her since birth. I whispered it into her ear as I hugged her goodbye. That will always be just for the two of us. Just a reminder for Randi that her Mamaw is always a part of her. Always.

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  1. Tommy on September 16, 2023 at 12:50 pm

    What a wonderful missive. It brought a tear. Great writing!