“Feels Like” Temp… by JoAnn

A thermometer is shown with sand in the background.

The past month, Summertime has been showing off. We have had record-breaking heat. Although, with it being so hot, no one cares what the actual temperature is. We are more worried about the “Feels Like” temp!

As I sit typing this in front of my cool AC, the actual outdoor temperature at 2:52 p.m. is 99 degrees Fahrenheit, and the “Feels Like” temp is 111 F! Yes, it is July, and this is to be expected. But we began having temperatures like these very early this year, in May. All of June, except for a few days, was just hateful. It appears this is happening all across the country. Even Maine is seeing much hotter temps than usual.

I watch people on social media having summer vacations and wonder how they tolerate the heat. Can a vacation truly be enjoyed when it’s this hot? I don’t think so. But some people will tell you they love the heat. I’m sure this must be true, as God made such a variety of us. And after all, there are states known for their heat, and many people have chosen to live there year-round. Maybe I’m just a hothead, or perhaps I’m just old. But I simply cannot imagine.

The forecast for the remainder of our week is the same as today. I know I will be spending much more time indoors than usual. Will I get bored? You bet I will. I will reach the point of feeling overwhelming cabin fever and eventually decide to take my chances in the humidity just to get out for an errand or two. I will return home drenched in sweat, vowing never to go out again when it’s that hot.

I don’t remember ever worrying about it being too hot when I was a kid. We lived the first 18 years of my life without an air conditioner. Heck, I didn’t have one until after I was married and had a home of my own. I remember sitting in front of a box fan; nothing was more wonderful. My sister and I would sit in front of it after washing our hair and use it as a hair dryer. I remember getting dressed up for a date, and while I was waiting for my boyfriend to arrive, I would stand in front of the fan and try to dry myself off so he wouldn’t see me sweat. Ha, ha!

Could it truly be that the earth is hotter now than it was 50 years ago? Or are we just spoiled now by technology? Whatever the answer to that question is, I don’t want to try and figure it out unless I’m sitting in front of my nice, wonderful, energy-efficient window unit. The best money ever spent!