🎋Four-Letter Words🎋… by JoAnn

A wooden table with the word good spelled out in scrabble tiles.

Whenever someone mentions the phrase “four-letter words,” it’s usually assumed they mean profanity. There seems to be a lot more of that in this day and time than ever before in our past. It has infiltrated every area of society and is accepted by our young people as a “cool” way to express themselves. The general population accepts it like never before.

The four-letter words I will talk about are the positive ones. Words that lighten life instead of darkening it. Words like love and hope to start. Stop and think for just a moment about the first one; love. Of all the important meanings in our world’s history, what has love done? What is love capable of doing still? If love is added to any other word, the impact is immeasurable.

Add love to anything you do, and you will find yourself a winner. Add love to work, and you will have success. Adding love to a conversation has the power to quiet loud voices and calm racing hearts. Add love to an argument, and forgiveness will grow. Love can do the impossible. There is no other four-letter word that holds that much power.

Hope is so important to our psyche that we have no reason to go on without it, especially without love. The two go hand in hand to make our lives worth living. Hope gives us the strength to go forward into an unknown future. It gives us wings.

One of the four-letter words most important to me is Pray. Because of my faith as a Christian, praying is as much a part of my daily life as breathing. I believe in it that much. There is indeed power in prayer.

So far, all three of the four-letter words have one thing of great value in common. They are positively powerful when used. There is no denying it. Even the world’s most negative, non-believing individual could not hold up an argument to say otherwise.

The next time you hear someone’s mouth sputtering four-letter words of hate, negativity, or just plain filth, don’t let that garbage get to you. Stop and ask yourself what four-letter words you like most. What are the ones you live by daily? Share them with someone!