From My Front Porch… by JoAnn

A rocking chair on the porch of a home.

One of my most beloved past times is porch sitting.  Whether it’s on a fun porch swing or with the gentle glide of a rocking chair,  I find it one of the most wonderful ways to spend a few minutes or a few hours.   It doesn’t matter to me if it’s a beautiful day or a rainy one.  I find joy in whatever I’m given.

There is something about choosing to sit quietly relaxing, to breathe in the fresh air no matter what time of year.  My favorite porch sitting weather is Winter. The quietness of the earth, along with the crispness in the air, is very therapeutic for me. Some people would not understand why I enjoy sitting back and watching the world pass me by.

They may think that I should get off my butt and join that world instead of simply observing.  That may be the logical approach to life for them, but it is quite simply, not in my nature.   I have always been an observer. I have never had a need or desire to be any different.  People watching makes me happy.  I learn so much by quietly studying the differences in human personalities by watching their mannerisms and interactions.  It can be both interesting and entertaining.

This is also true for the animals that cross my path.  Watching them play or go about their day.    Listening to the bird’s song, or the chattering of a squirrel.  It may sound very simple, but I find great joy in the simple things in life.   Give porch sitting a try some time!  You may see a lot more going on than you thought you would.  Or you may realize the peacefulness can be addictive.