Give Me Coffee… by JoAnn

A cup of coffee with steam coming out.

Just say the word coffee and my mouth waters.  What is it about this dark brew, made from a little bean of all things, that has fans at its beck and call every morning?  

I, like millions of others, love a good cup of Joe.  There is no better way to start the day than with the aroma of a fresh pot of coffee brewing.  That smell is so adored, even candle makers have tried to duplicate it! 

Coffee has been around for centuries and is considered a staple all around the world.  Did you know the coffee bean is actually the seed of a fruit?  Producers refer to this small fruit as a coffee cherry.  When the seed is removed and roasted, you get the coffee bean that we all know and love.  

Who in the world would have thought to take a pit from a small fruit and roast it?  That appears to have been a man in Yemen during the 15th century.  Coffee seeds were first roasted in Arabia and brewed similarly, as we do today.       

On the top 5 list of reasons to drink coffee, you will find its caffeine content what most coffee drinkers crave.  A nice little pick me up first thing in the morning is a pleasant way to get the day started.  I for one cannot tolerate the caffeine in coffee, but with today’s technology, I have found decaffeinated coffee that tastes just as good as the regular.  So, I can still enjoy my favorite hot beverage.   

So how do you like your coffee?  Hot is definitely the majority win, but there are many iced fans out there as well.  When I was a younger adult, I liked a little coffee in my cup of milk.  Now as a seasoned adult, I prefer it piping hot, with a small amount of half & half added.  No sugar, please.  Although a lot of fans love sugar added to their Java.  

There are many, many ways to prepare coffee.  The fad now is the single cup brew machines.  I do not taste a good cup of coffee from these fancy little pods.  To me, it does not compare to an old-fashioned brewed coffee.  I also am not a big fan of the Mr. Coffee style pots.  The flavor is not pure enough for me.  When I was growing up, my mother had a stove top percolator.  I have graduated to a stainless steel, electric percolator.  Living alone, I purchased a simple 6 cup pot for under $35.  It’s easy to use, takes up very little counter space, and makes a delicious, brewed Joe.  

If drinking coffee is not your thing, but you still like the flavor, I have added coffee to a long list of recipes.  From ice cream, to chocolate cakes and brownies, it seems we can add coffee to hundreds of recipes.  There is even a technique that coats a steak with coffee grounds before cooking.  It seems the coffee rub acts not only as a tenderizer but also enhances all other flavors added.  

My favorite of course would be the classic Italian dessert of Tiramisu.  The coffee-soaked sponge cake, filled with rich Mascarpone cheese and sprinkled with a thick layer of cocoa, is one of the best deserts in the world!  The word Tiramisu means “pick me up” or “cheer me up”.  It lives up to its name.  

Whatever way you like your coffee, rest assured you have millions of other fans in the world to keep you company.  Whether you prefer to drink at home, your favorite little diner, or fancy coffee shop, sip slowly and savor every drop.  Drink a cup for me!