Guns, Guns, Guns!

A woman with glasses and grey hair holding a gun.

I own a shotgun, but I don’t think anyone should be able to purchase guns that are capable of killing many people at one time. I remember the old cowboy movie’s days where they had six bullets in their gun, and they had to reload if they continually missed their target. I was in England in 2014 (pop 65 million), and they had a total of 22 gun deaths that year. So, I think there is some validity to restricting the use of guns. I know the Second Amendment gives us the right to bear arms, but I am leaning toward thinking that it should be a privilege that could be taken away if you abuse it. I don’t think I’m opposed to making it a privilege instead of a right. I don’t see that owning a gun today is as necessary as it was when the Constitution was written. I am against teachers being armed and against being able to carry guns into church’s & restaurants. I think there are too many unhinged people in our society today and allowing them to own guns is wrong. I am very uncomfortable around people that carry weapons (that includes policeman).

Surely, if we can deny half our citizens (females) the right to vote for almost 150 years, we can deny people the right to own a gun by making it a privilege.

Most of the adults I knew in my childhood did not own a gun. Those that did used them for hunting. I’m not saying that citizens cannot own a gun, just that in order to get one they should not have a criminal record, nor, have psychiatric problems.