Into The Wild

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There are times when you have to give up. The hose reel is history. After taking it apart for 8 times it was time to call it quits. To insure I would not change my mind, I took my Sabre Saw and sliced it into two pieces. The trash man comes this Thursday and it will be at the curb waiting. I do not give up easily, but it was time to put it to rest. My theory about life’s problems is if you struggle with them long enough you can usually come up with an answer. Needless to say, that did not happen in this instance. Oh well, life goes on.

I watched a movie the other night (Into The Wild) about a young college grad that decided to spend his life in the wild with very little human contact. His theory was that complete happiness could only be achieved by being close to nature. He and his sister were very unhappy with their parents and this seemed to be the driving force in their life. Hence, his need to get away. There are two point to make here: 1. Joy in life, in my humble opinion, is best when shared (spouse, relative,friend).   2. At some point in your adult life the impact your parents had on you will diminish and you have to take responsibility for your happiness, or lack thereof. I’m thinking the statue of limitations is 10 years. After that, no whinning about how bad you were treated as a youngster. I know, there are plenty of mental health people out there that will disagree, but that’s my opinion and I’m stickin’ to it!

Jerilyn was looking out the window the other day and saw a mole moving along his underground tunnel. She screamed for me to come quickly, we each gathered a pitchfork from the garage and headed outside to eliminate this very destructive vermin.   Sure nuff, after 15-20 jabs with our weapons, it appeared on Jerilyn’s pitchfork with one tine thru his mid-section. The celebration that ensued would rival that of the Redskins winning the Superbowl (or me winning a piece of super-duper computer software on eBay).   These little fellows can plow up a yard in a couple of days and the traps on the market are practically useless. We have tried mole poison, broken glass placed in their tunnels and just about anything else that been suggested. A good mole trap could easily net someone a cool $million. With this in mind, I have given it a lot of thought and I think I have figured out a design for a mole trap that will work. Now, the next trick is to build this thing.

We spent part of Sunday morning spreading mulch under some of the trees in our yard. It had been setting in the back of the truck since last Friday and with rain in the forecast, we decided it needed to be spread before it arrived. Fortunately we finished before the rain came, showered, and went over to pick up her mother so she could spend the remainder of the day with us. I took her home around 7pm and upon my return, Jerilyn had a pippin hot dinner waiting for me. We ate in front of the TV while watching 60 Minutes (on tape). 30 years ago this day would have been so boring. Now, to me, it was a great day! I refuse to think about what a great day will entail 20 years from now.

Jerilyn and I went out to dinner with 5 friends on Saturday night. It’s amazing how much good conversation can happen when friends eat together. Everyone has a story to tell and each of us contributed mightily to each other’s entertainment. The food was very good, but the fellowship was better. After eating we went to a live show and arrived home around midnight. We spend most of our time during the week doing chores, so getting out with friends on the weekend is a welcomed change.

Yesterday, we ran the Noland Trail and left there for the place that sells rocks. Landscaping with rocks is a favorite pastime for Jerilyn. After turning many rocks in various positions, she finally settled on three. One was probably 150 lbs and the other two considerably less. We got them home safely in the back of the truck and, with some assistance from 3 contractors next door, have them safely ensconced in their appropriate spots. Today, we go back to the rock place for a really big one (600 lbs), bring it home and get it off loaded (without help this time) and then head off for another load of mulch. This woman is working me to death!

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“Paradise is here or nowhere: You must take your joy with you, or you will never find it.” ….O.S. Marden