🎋Memory Lane🎋… by JoAnn

A wooden chest with the word " memories " written on it.

Today I took a walk down what I like to call… “Memory Lane.” As I strolled past each long-ago-made memory, I paused to recall how each made me feel, both then and now. Not much had changed since their conception. The emotion they stir up now is just as strong as the day they were born.

The memories hardest to see were the ones that included loved ones who had passed away, looking back at me. To no longer be able to touch their face, or hear their voice, made those memories sad to recall. But with memories being all I have of those loved ones now, I still paused to ponder for a while. Painful to do, with tears filling my eyes, I left those memories behind with a thankful heart, that they are still mine.

The easiest memories to visit were those of childhood. The most easygoing of all times in my life. Every fond memory leading to another one. Good times fell like dominoes in a perfect line. So simple to remember those memories and squeeze all of the enjoyment out of them one more time.

I chose to remember the good times last so that they would remain freshest in my mind. After all, isn’t that what good memories are for? To ease the pain of the bad ones that every life must endure. They say for every one negative experience, it takes three positive ones to offset the damage done. In relationships, it’s a 5 to 1 ratio. I think that’s true with memories as well.

I don’t know when I’ll stroll down Memory Lane again. Most of the time, it’s not my choice. Circumstances will arise and force my soul to take a trip. This time it was grief that started the wheels turning, like a finely oiled machine just waiting for a push.