My Keeper… by JoAnn

A person is praying with their hands on top of the bible.

You hold the key
To my good morning
And the curtain
To my goodnight
So, I’ll bless you
With the sunshine
And praise you
Under the moonlight
You pour the water
That quenches my thirst
And you dry the tears
That flow like a river
So, I’ll turn to you
For my nourishment
And wait for your comfort
To embrace me

Hand in hand
Heart to heart

You take the lead
And guide me
Down the path
That only you can see
You take me beyond my pain
So, I will follow you
No need to explain
You make promises
Speaking words
Only my soul can hear
So, I will trust you
Keeping you forever near

Hand in hand
Heart to heart

You show me beauty
So small and simple
Yet so wide and complex
It engulfs me in your presence
And I know that you are real
I let the doubt be washed away
As your calm replaces my fear

I strive to climb that mountain
Only to fall short each time
So, I let you pick me up
And together we restart
Traveling in unison
Hand in hand
Heart to heart