Rainbow Chasers

Two people holding umbrellas in front of a rainbow.

In 1935, a young couple in Armonk made a vow to chase rainbows together for the rest of their lives. Sixty years later, with many rainbows in their possession, they continue the chase.

Contrary to popular belief, not all rainbows have a pot of gold, but they contain other treasures. The first two pots were, undoubtedly, your two children, followed by two pots for your grandchildren.

Some other pots contained a sense of humor, the spirit of competition, loyalty, kindness, devotion, and that trait so hard to find, “trustworthinessâ€. 

I have only known this couple for a short time.

I wish it were longer.

I hope to find their secret for making a long-term relationship work so well, when so many forces are at work to destroy it.

There are many people that profess to know exactly what makes love survive.

They will give you a laundry list of things that have to exist for it to endure.

Yet, they cannot stay married for 20 years.

So, where do we go to answer the age-old question of, “How does love endure?â€

I say, travel north to a home atop a hill in Armonk, New York, and talk to a couple that is living the answer.

22,000 days of chasing rainbows together makes them expert “rainbow chasersâ€.

It is my belief that at the end of your journey on this earth; we are judged by the way we conduct our lives and by the promises we made and kept.

I only wish that I could make a promise and keep it for 60 years. I have known no one else that has done so.

It is too late for me to do so now, but I know a couple on a hill in Armonk… 

Tommy Hale …written to his fiancé’s parents in 1995 as they celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary.  They are both now deceased.