Snow Baby… by JoAnn


Yesterday was my granddaughter Taylor’s 18th birthday. I still feel a sense of shock at that number. It seems so unbelievable that our Taylor is that age…already. Time truly does fly.

After wishing her a great birthday on social media and texting her, I was thrust into a whirlwind of memories. Anyone who knows Taylor knows how precious of a person she is. She has always been that way. It all began the day she was born.

It was a cold January day in Kentucky. We were all trying to be patient while waiting for Taylor to be born. Her sister Randi was just a toddler at 19 months old. We had no choice but to take her to the hospital with us, and her aunt Chelsea did a great job of keeping her entertained. I took a walk down the hall to ease my nerves and give my daughter Robin some time with my son-in-law David. As I looked down, out of the vast hospital window, saying a prayer for my newest granddaughter to be born soon, it began to snow. Everything outside and inside the hospital felt so quiet and still. The beautiful snow fell like glitter against the sky. I knew in my heart it was a magical moment. Taylor was on her way to us.

And just like that, our girl Tay entered the world. The first thing I noticed was her perfect ears. Silly, I know, but they were truly perfection. Over the past 18 years, she has shown us all of her perfections. She is an intelligent, loving, bold, and loyal girl. She has a huge heart for her family and friends. To know her is to love her. She is a bright ray of sunshine whenever she enters the room. She has been a pure joy to this grandma. I’m so proud she is ours.

We all remember that beautiful day in Kentucky, with the snow beginning to fall just as Taylor entered the world. Every year, we remind her of how it made us all feel. Truly blessed!

Here’s to you, Taylor, that your next 18 years will hold as much joy and wonderment as the first have. We love you the world full!

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