Spring Is Sprung

A green field with trees and flowers in the background

Spring is sprung, the grass is ris. I wonders where the birdies is. They say the birds is on the wing. Ain’t that absurd?  I always thought the wing was on the bird…..Anonymous

It seems Spring has arrived and it sure is a welcomed sight. I don’t really have to wonder about where the birds, or, flowers are because our birds never leave (we feed them all year) and the  daffodils are sprouting everywhere.  My wife has a very green thumb and whatever she plants grows with reckless abandon.  Our grass has started to turn much greener (my job) and the weeds are waiting for their chance to dance in the wind.

I received a phone call today from a H.S. classmate (thanks Wayne D) and we talked about things I have long since forgotten.  It’s always good to speak and visit with old friends.  I do believe they remind me of my roots and where my values really come from.

I’m getting ready to head outside and spread some “Weed & Feed” by Scott on our yard.  Hopefully, we’ll be waving bye  to those dreadful old weeds soon!