Summer Rain… by JoAnn

A drop of water is floating in the dirt.

I awoke this morning to a wonderful Summer rain.  A much-needed rain!  A good drenching was just what the farmers ordered, and we finally got one.  I turned off my fan and made the house as quiet as possible so I could listen to the beautiful sound.  The fresh, clean water pouring from the roof was music to my ears.  The scent of the fresh raindrops as they hit the hard, dry earth, and once again softened it, was like nature’s perfume filling the air.  What a serene way to wake up.

A Summer rain like this one always reminds me of summers as a child when my sister and I would run outside and embrace that magical rain.  If we were lucky, it would last for a good while and we would have the chance to dance and play with our umbrellas.  SOOO inviting to cool off from the normal heat of the day.  What a treat for our senses it was on a boring, hot day.  No shower was ever so welcomed.  This feeling will be long forgotten in the dark, damp Fall, when grey clouds loom for days on end.  We will be praying for sunshine and less mud in our yard.  Nature has a way of keeping us on our toes.  Or maybe she likes to watch us dance.  Celebrating in the Summer rain or dodging droplets all winter as we run for cover.  I imagine we look a sight and bring a smile to her face.