Sunday, Daughter Day… by JoAnn

A woman and her mother posing for the camera.

I have 3 beautiful, smart, wonderful daughters for whom I am extremely proud.   Needless to say, my life as their mother has revolved around them for all of their lives, and all of my adult life.  

They are all grown now, having left the nest one by one, some time ago.  I am use to the nest being empty, but that doesn’t mean I like it.  It is always a much-needed time of bonding when I can get together to visit with them, especially one on one.

My middle daughter Christine use to live about an hour away.  Without any prompting by me, she made it a commitment to visit me almost every Sunday until one or both of us moved too far away from each other.  

She would make the 45 minutes to 1 hour drive early Sunday morning, and spend the entire day with me.  Sometimes staying until way past dark because she just hated to say goodbye.  

Hours were spent on the front porch swing, bouncing one topic after another back and forth.  Always catching up on each other’s week too of course.  Sometimes we would watch a movie, have a nice meal out, or just drive around listening to the radio and continuing our talks.  

We spent the majority of our time just talking about life.  No one thing in particular, just whatever seemed to strike our fancy that day.  Sometimes we would talk over a problem one of us was struggling with, but most of the time we found more entertaining conversations.  

Since Christine was a small child, she was always very inquisitive.  She needed to understand all of the “whys” in life.  I am quite the opposite.  Looking back now, it surprises me that we had so much to talk about.  I guess maybe I was the constant that she needed.  I am always the same, and content with it.  Maybe she found comfort in that as she grew into the well-rounded young woman she is today.  

Christine is now a Scientist.  Still trying to answer all of the “whys” of life.  I live in Tennessee, and she lives in Maine.  There are no more Sunday daughter days in our schedules.  Oh, how I long for them.  I know she does too.   What a huge blessing it is to not only love your child, but to have such a rare adult friendship with them as well.  I know nothing makes this mama feel more loved or appreciated.