The Best Era… by JoAnn

A vintage t-shirt with the date 1 9 7 0 and an original parts.

When thinking about which era I enjoyed the most, I can’t help but be partial to the ’60s and ’70s. Mainly the 1970’s because that holds the best memories for me. It was the happiest and most carefree time in my life, before I was old enough to have all of the adult problems and stresses that snuff out so much of the fun in life. Just as the grass always seems greener somewhere else, another era seems better than our current one.

I follow several eras and or decade pages online. I find them entertaining, and they always make me smile looking back. Two are devoted to sharing memories of the fads from their era—things like toys that bring back childhood memories of letters to Santa. Or home decor we found so groovy back then, but not so much today. Sometimes the photos will bring back a particular memory I had not thought of since it first happened. Like a photo of the many hair shampoos that were all the rage for teen girls. Just looking at a picture of the bottle, I can almost smell it.

A whole different type of memory set is released on the pages that share music from that era. It is amazing how fast a song can dislodge a memory from the depths of our souls. Just a few notes can take me right back to where I was when I listened to the song almost 50 years ago. I understand the sight of a photograph brings forward long forgotten memories, but how does hearing music do the same thing? Just as I have photos that may be too sad for me to look at, there are songs that I also avoid listening to. They bring forward memories that are too painful for me to relive. I find it all so fascinating.

Just as I am drawn back to the eras I have lived through, I think some people are drawn to the time periods that came before them. I have known many people who loved everything from the 1950s and wished they could have been born during that time. Big band music always catches my attention and has me dreaming of what the Swing era must have been like. An old movie will really get the gears turning. I spend most of my attention on all of the items in the background than on the storyline.

I only consider the happier times of an era, things that jog my memory of a pleasant experience or time spent with a loved one. I think it’s true that just as many people are interested in a particular era because of its history. They are drawn to specific world events such as WWI or WWII, for example. Those eras changed our lives in remarkable ways, both good and bad. I admire those who can look at the entire picture and all of its truth. I feel a little cowardly that I can not.

What do you consider your favorite era and why? What draws you to it? Do you long for the joy it brings you, or are you enthralled with its history?

Here’s hoping you find fulfillment wherever your mind is taking you to answer those questions.