🎋The Bunnies🎋… by JoAnn

Four different colored rabbits sitting next to each other.

Each morning, when I arise just as the sun appears, the first thing I do is look out my kitchen window. About a month ago, I happened to catch a glimpse of not one bunny or even two. But FOUR bunnies hanging out enjoying my backyard!

The one I refer to as Mama is HUGE. To be that size, I guess the bunny rabbit must be a parent. So I chose a mother figure. The next medium-sized bunny I named Cotton Tail, for obvious reasons. He is long and lean, and spends most of his time dusting himself off in the dry dirt under a shade tree. His ears are long and remind me of Bugs Bunny. I can only imagine the type of mischief he gets into.

The remaining two bunnies I call The Twins. They are youngsters and are identical in every way. Right down to their spotted coats. They love to run and play with each other and munch on the sweet clover that grows throughout my yard. They are my favorite to watch.

This past week, I have quietly walked to my kitchen window each morning, hoping to catch a glimpse of all four bunnies eating their breakfast together. But I have only caught a sighting of Cotton Tail once and The Twins twice. The temperatures have been in the high 80s, with the heat index reaching near 90 every day. We desperately need a good rain, and unfortunately, my yard is suffering. Today it is a burnt brown, with practically nothing for a bunny to eat. It has me asking, just where have they gone? My guess is to a cool spot near a pond.

I’m praying for rain so the farmers in my town will have a blessed crop. But all the little critters in town also need it to be healthy. I want my little bunny family to return and enjoy my backyard again. Even the birds seem more scarce…

I am sure the critters know what to do when the weather turns miserably HOT. Personally, I panic. I am not a hot-weather creature. I praise the inventor of the air conditioner every summer. In my mind, heat means I cannot breathe well or control my body temperature. Plus, I hate to sweat.

I guess you’ve already figured out what season I prefer. Hopefully, we will receive rain soon before it becomes an official drought. And I will get to visit with my bunny friends again.