🎋The Butterfly… by JoAnn🎋

A black butterfly with white background

The other day, I was house-sitting at my daughter’s home. It was a beautiful, sunny day. As I pass by a window, I have a habit of looking out. Being out in the country, their scenery is lovely. I kept noticing a large black butterfly flying past each time I looked out a window. I saw this butterfly at least three different times.

Hours later, I went outside to start packing my car to return home. The large black butterfly appeared as soon as I stepped onto the driveway. It was a Black Swallowtail and about 3 to 4 inches across. It was gorgeous! As I stood still in the drive, it fluttered around and around me. Whenever it landed on the ground, I tried to get a picture with my cellphone. Then it would be up in the air again, fluttering around me, circling me over and over. This dance went on for several minutes.

I have to say I have never had a butterfly react that way with me before in my life. I don’t remember ever seeing a Black Swallowtail, either. I probably have somewhere in my 60 years, but I don’t remember. But never has a butterfly of any kind been so intimately close to me. It really took my breath away.

It may sound silly, but I kept wondering if this beautiful creature was trying to give me a message. I have heard people say that if a butterfly gives you attention in this way, it is a loved one who has passed saying hello. I’ve even heard a saying, “Butterflies are angel kisses sent from Heaven.” I’m not sure I believe all that to be true, but I decided to do some research.

Of course, I turned to the great well of knowledge, Google. It states that the Black Swallowtail is known in cultures as a sign of transformation, rebirth, and freedom. Good luck, and yes, a message from a passed loved one.

I’m unsure if I believe in all the spiritual hype, but I feel happy that the Black Swallowtail decided to interact with me that day. It was a beautiful thing to witness. Always is when nature comes so close to us humans. It means more when nature chooses us instead of us forcing ourselves upon nature.

I did get a picture of the butterfly. I will cherish it always.