The Little Black Speck… by JoAnn

A black and white picture of some sort of speckled pattern.

Have you ever noticed a little black speck? Just hanging out on a surface you may have just cleaned, and you’re wondering what it’s doing there. Maybe you check your makeup in the mirror, and there is a little black speck on your cheek. Or perhaps you look down into your glass of milk and see one. I pulled a clean tissue out of the box, and a little black speck was on it. It was woven into the tissue. Should I still use the tissue? Because I have no idea what that black speck is, and I don’t think anyone else does.

What exactly are these little black specks, and where do they come from? I believe humans have been asking that question for more years than I have been alive. I’ve been seeing black specks my whole life, and each time I can’t help but think it looks like a flake of black pepper. But there is no way it could be that every time, right? So what in the world is it? And why are there so many? Are you curious yet? I know I am, but it doesn’t take much to peak my curiosity.

There could be a million different things that could produce a by-product, such as a little black speck. So I think we may never know what all of them are. Each one would have to be studied individually. Has anyone ever done that? Surely a scientist somewhere has at some point in time. If anyone knows, please share with me.

Back around 1981, my boyfriend, who would later become my husband, read an article that had been written about the little black speck. He thought it was so clever and funny. I remember him conversing with his dad, my soon-to-be father-in-law, about how true this guy’s story really was. They couldn’t believe a guy had written an entire article on a little black speck and that it had been published successfully. I have never forgotten that conversation. Why in the world does this stand out to me in my mind? I have no idea. But every time I see a little black speck, I am reminded of it. And here I am writing my own story about a little black speck. Go figure.

This thought had me imagining, perhaps a tad too much, as I often do. I began to ponder if anyone has ever felt like a little black speck? Seriously. So small and insignificant. Maybe unwanted or a burden. Maybe unseen. If I am being honest, and I strive to be, I have felt all those things on many occasions in my life. I believe a lot of people have.

So maybe that’s why I notice all the little black specks. Because I have been one. Leave it to me to put so much seriousness into an otherwise silly topic. That’s me for ya. I think it is the writer in me.

Thank you for reading my stories!