The Spring Calf… by JoAnn

A road with trees and clouds in the sky.

Spring has sprung and I could not be happier.  Today I took a drive through my rural community and soaked in, not only the warmth of the sun, but the beauty of the farms that surround my little corner of the world.  I passed field after field, dotted with Spring wildflowers, blooming trees and shrubs, and birds enjoying their busy day.  But my favorite vision of all had to be the fields that held the newest births of Spring: the baby calves.  Nothing makes me happier than to see a newborn animal of any kind.  But there is something about a newborn calf that really pulls at my heartstrings.  

I passed one field that was a bounty of rolling green acres.  The grass was thick and lush.  The long fence line was bordered with hundreds of bright yellow Daffodils.  It was the perfect picture post card for Spring.  I slowed down to take a closer look.  Inside that fence, there must have been thirty Mama cows.  Each one with their new offspring.  

Today I saw a calf for every color known to cows.  Lots of rusty red ones, solid black, brown, brown and white, even a pure white one.  But my favorite of all was a little guy that I nicknamed Dalmatian.  It was a beautiful snow white with black spots all over.  I would have loved to have gotten a closer look at that one.    

I enjoy guessing the age of the new calf.  It’s pretty obvious the ones that are under 48 hours old.  They cling closely to their mother, and I often catch them nursing.  The ones that are a week or two old still stay close by their mama but are more alert and will turn to look at my car as I slow down.  I see older calves playing together away from their mamas and often they will come to the fence line to see what’s going on. Their big dark brown eyes and long eyelashes are adorable. Some of the sweetest faces of nature. This always puts a big smile on my face. They are SO cute!

You would think with my enthusiasm over cows and their offspring, that I was a farm girl. But I am not. My love of baby farm animals is a love from afar. I have never been a part of the type of farming that surrounds my home. My neighbors are farmers through and through. I have the utmost respect for their way of living and their careers. When they have a successful year of farming, I am happy for them. And when they have a poor year, I pray for them and the families for which they provide. It is a hardworking life, and I for one appreciate them.

I hope that wherever you live; you can enjoy all the wonderful new things that come with Spring. Just taking a few moments to stop and listen to the bird’s sing can relieve stress and help brighten and lighten your day. If you are as blessed as I am and live near a rural area, take a drive, and notice the pastures and all the new birth and blooms they hold.

                                            Happy Spring!