🎋Three Daughters🎋… by JoAnn

A woman sitting on the ground with two other women.

Her eyes are brown. She was born during a heat wave after I carried her for ten whole months. She has always loved the sun. She favors my mother and carries her own mother’s torch. Her own kids know her as Mama. But I forever see her as the spunky four-year-old in pigtails. She is a friend to many, a nurturer, a homemaker, a strong wife, a best friend to her husband, a hard-working employee, and a beauty inside and out. She looks as good with no makeup as she does with the makeup. She is forgiving and wise beyond her years. She is my firstborn daughter. Her name is Robin.

Her eyes are blue. She was born in the dead of winter. Our heat went on the brink the night we brought her home. She raised her head above the rim of her bassinet when she got too hot from the space heater I placed too near. That night was a miracle, and so was she. She has always been older than her earthly years. Mature in ways that I can’t explain. Talented beyond measure, she drew an aerial view of her preschool playground in great detail. That was the first of many moments from teachers who spoke the word gifted to describe her. She is a fighter who will not give in or give up. Handed an unfair deal in life, she uses it as a catapult to further her ambition. Yet when I see her, she is my dimpled little two-year-old, winking every time I took her picture, mimicking me as I closed an eye to look into the camera. She is my second-born daughter. Her name is Christine.

Her eyes are green. She was born after a long, very hot summer. She is the one I prayed for over four years to conceive. The one I dreamed of before she was born, looking exactly as she would in real life. A dream come true, she has been. A mixture of all the family, she is as unique in personality as she is in her eye color. Changing shades with the weather. Her sisters and I will always think of her as the baby of the family. She is loved and adored as the special one that she is. She made the circle complete. I have shaken my head more times than I can count at her intelligent insight. She is loving, kind, talented, and brave. I am in awe of her as a young woman and find it hard now to call her babe. She is my third-born daughter. Her name is Chelsea.

I could go on for hours, writing about my daughters. They are as complex as life itself. They make my world complete. I know I am a blessed Mother. I have been given the privilege of having my three daughters in my life every day of theirs. I know what a gift that is. It doesn’t make me special, but it does make me blessed. A blessing I will never take for granted.

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  1. Tommy on June 13, 2023 at 4:59 am

    JoAnn, that was an absolutely wonderful description of my granddaughters!