Turkey OR Tree… by JoAnn

Christmas turkey dinner. Baked turkey garnished with red berries and sage leaves in front of Christmas tree and burning candles

As the temperatures have dropped, with some states already having their first snow of the season and Halloween just a memory, there is a debate going on. Do we go for the Thanksgiving decorations, such as turkeys and pumpkins, or do we go straight for the Christmas tree? Well, some say, “BOTH!”.

I prefer to embrace the season of Fall in all its glory. Halloween is our way of saying hello, and Thanksgiving is our way of keeping the spirit alive until we celebrate with a family reunion dinner. Then, it is time to decorate for Christmas. My mama always got the tree out of storage on the Saturday following Thanksgiving. We would decorate it on Sunday after she had placed the lights on it to perfection. It was our holiday tradition.

But I hear about many people who want to put up the Christmas tree as soon as Halloween bids goodbye. No paper turkeys placed on the front door, but a holiday wreath, complete with bells and red ribbon. The dining table will be adorned with all Christmas decorations and dinnerware for Thanksgiving dinner. A game of Dirty Santa might also be played since most of the family will be there. And if you’re lucky, you live in a state where snow is almost guaranteed for Thanksgiving. One thing you’ll know for sure is that you will be having roast turkey for dinner. A Christmas ham will be ordered in time for Santa.

I have never attended a Thanksgiving dinner with a lighted Christmas tree in the corner. But with the world the way it is, it really doesn’t surprise me that many people enjoy doing things this way. In fact, if it makes you happy, why not? There is nothing wrong with celebrating Christ’s birthday for a longer time! We should be celebrating it every day of the year. So go ahead and bring those Christmas decoration boxes down from the attic, put together that perfect artificial pine tree that you got such a bargain on, and enjoy yourself for the next seven weeks.

Whatever you decide for your household, enjoy! And don’t knock what anyone else is doing. Let them enjoy whatever they need to do for them. It really isn’t hurting anyone. I’m all for just about anything that can put a smile on someone’s face at the end of another stressful year. Just remember the reason for the season, Christ our Lord.

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