A Perfect Fall Day… by JoAnn

A circular sign with the words welcome autumn written on it.

This year, our summer here in Northwest Tennessee, was extremely unforgiving.  Our hot temperatures broke records.  I honestly thought it would never end.  But thankfully it did end, and we are now in the full bloom of Fall.

Fall has always been my favorite season.  I love the chilly, crisp air in the morning and my favorite old sweater.  I love the bounty of pumpkins and brightly colored trees.  The sun no longer burns but warms like a comforting bath.  

The smells in the air are like none other the entire year.  There is a distinctness to the smell of falling leaves and dried vegetation being mixed with the coolness of the air.  Add the fragrance of a pile of leaves and tree trimmings being burned in someone’s back yard, and it’s a recipe for only one thing, Fall.

One of my favorite things to do is to take a drive on the back roads of my rural town.  Fall is the most beautiful time of year to do so.  It’s still warm enough to have my window rolled down so I can enjoy the fresh air.  A sunny day is of course my favorite, but I also enjoy a cloudy day as well.  The view can change drastically when a little dampness is added.  When I was younger, I enjoyed taking photographs.  I loved to play with the changes in light and texture on a Fall day. 

Last week I took a long drive around my area.  There are a lot of small towns clustered together where I live.  You have no choice but to drive scenic back roads to and from either town.  I am not complaining!  It is a blessing indeed.

As I was driving, I caught a whiff of wood and leaves burning.  Oh, that smell!  It took me back to one of my favorite childhood memories of coming home from school on a sunny Fall afternoon.  Playing outside while my daddy burned leaves and brush after cleaning our yard for the last time of the year.  Knowing my mama was inside making a delicious hot meal for us all to enjoy when it was supper time.  My sister and I would play until the sun went down and it would become too cold to be outdoors.  

I have a lot of fond memories of those Fall evenings, and my family around the table afterwards.  I don’t remember so much of what happened after supper.  My guess is I fell asleep on time those nights, maybe even early, and slept hard till morning.  

This year I have paid more attention to my favorite season and enjoy it more like a kid, noticing the pumpkins on my neighbor’s doorstep and how red their tree is this year.  Maybe I’ll rise a little earlier just to catch the sunrise through the misty fog and how it plays against the Autumn colors.  Take a drive at sunset to see what differences the lighting makes.  Take a walk in the park and notice the variety of smells as I take in a deep breath. 

Here’s hoping you are enjoying your Fall in whatever corner of the world you live.  May your blessings be bountiful.

On a sunny day, it seems the world is alive with color.