When Someone Loves You… by Taylor

A black background with the word love and flowers.

“When someone loves you, the way they talk about you is different. You feel safe and comfortable.â€â€“Jess C. Scott.

This quote can shine a light on many people. When one is younger, such as me, people think that just because someone is cute and popular, they are perfect. That is wrong because no one is perfect. However, that is not the only part that matters. You don’t have to be the best looking or most popular. Your personality and demeanor can tell a lot about you.

Also, you should not talk to many people at the same time and make them feel as if they are the only one you like. And don’t cheat on the one you love. If you do, that is proof you do not love them enough to be loyal. They should stay loyal to you, too. They must not cheat on you behind your back.

That special person in your life shouldn’t make you feel down or sad all the time. It’s okay if you get into a fight sometimes, but not every day! You should feel secure with them, not scared. They should make you feel beautiful inside and out. They should be a respectful and have a beneficial influence.

If they are gone a lot and don’t talk to you often, then they don’t care about you. When they are in the wrong and won’t change themselves for the good, then they do not deserve you. They should always try their best to make your lives together happy and special. They should hold up their part of the deal when you both said, “I do.†😂

Even if you haven’t found that special person, don’t run off with the first one that likes you. Always hold your standards high and be at least a little hard to get. That will show them what you expect and that you aren’t easily taken advantage of. Do not be unhappy because you haven’t had that special relationship yet. Instead, enjoy the time you have while you wait.

When you are near someone special, you feel butterflies in your stomach and can’t say enough to describe how you feel. There are no words that have the value they deserve.

That special person not only lifts you up when you fall but shares your pain when you’re hurt. They know what to say when you don’t, how to cheer you up, and what makes you happy. They would never leave you for someone else. They should be your best friend and want to live the rest of their life with you.

Never betray them. Give the same respect, love, and loyalty they give you. Stay on the same path together, or else you might lose each other on the journey. All of this will let you know if they are the “Special†one in your life.