A Letter to My Grandpa… by Taylor

A bald man with a peace sign and smiling.

This letter is for my Grandpa Hale, who passed away in 2018:

 Nobody is perfect, but you were great. You always tried to make us kids happy. Some of my most memorable moments with you were when you would randomly ask me about math problems. We wouldn’t get to your house until around midnight sometimes, but you still gave me numbers to work through, and I solved them. You were so impressed by my quick solving mind that you began teaching me how to play sudoku. It was hard at first, but I got the hang of it and loved it. It was a fun numbers game. Numbers were one of my main bonds with you, Grandpa. 

Something else I did with you, along with my sister, was the TV show called Chopped. You started a†Family Choppedâ€. I don’t know if my readers have watched that cooking show, but basically it is about judging different people’s food and eliminating the contestants until only the best is left. Grandpa, you would give my sister and I a main course of food, and we had to make a meal using it with our own choice of a side dish. We did it for three years. It was a lot of fun. I used to watch that show all the time, so it was cool to feel like I was in it. We had so much fun at your house, it felt like another home. I was always cozy and comfortable there. 

You always tried to give my sister and me money. You would give us math problems, riddles, etc. My great- grandfather, Grandio, does the same. I will not lie, it is fun getting money by doing challenges. On Christmas, or my birthday, you also gave us money and always asked us later what we did with it. Sometimes I saved it. Other times I spent it quickly. You always tried to give us an extra helping hand. 

Another game you taught me was chess. I wanted to know how to play, and everyone told me that you were great at it. I then went to you and asked to play. you showed me what each piece did and then we played a match or two. Let me tell you that my family was not lying when they talked about how good you are. I cannot remember if I’ve ever beaten you, I might have once, but it would not surprise me that you let me win.  

I remember you would come and stay with us at Christmas sometimes and that was awesome! One year you gave me my first chess board, and we played on it together. I had bunches of fun with you while you were with us. I would go outside and sit with you in the garage, and we played hangman, or just hang out, or just talk. We did the same at your house under the car cover in front of your garage. You always had Life Savers there too. 

I want my mom to pay close attention to this part. I want her to know that when she struggles and misses you; she does not have to hide it. I want her to come to me. I do not want her to feel sad, or alone. I want her to know that I miss you dearly too, grandpa, and she can come to me and talk about it. She can cry and laugh with me over the memories we have of you. When Mom is sad, I go to her and if she does not want me around, then I will pull this story up on my phone and hand it to her. No matter what, I will try to comfort her when she is alone. I do not want Mom to be sad, and I hope I can help her stay on the positive side of things. I love you, mama and I will always be here for you. 

I hope you see this in Heaven, Grandpa. I hope you can be here with all of us. Lord, please lay a hand on my mom, all my aunts, Grandio, Mamaw, and the rest of my family. I love you Grandpa â¤â€¦Taylor