An Ode to My Dad… by Taylor

A heart with roses and the word dad on it.

I have the best dad I could ever ask for. He always tries his best to make me smile or laugh. He cracks his dad jokes seven days a week. Even if I get upset or frustrated at him, he acts goofy, tickles me, or tries to joke around to lighten the mood.

Lately he has been calling my sister and me squirrels, instead of girls. He acts like it’s a slip of the tongue, even though we know it’s not. Even small things like that can make me smile. One of my favorite traits of his is his dad’s humor.

My dad always tries to spend time with everyone. He spends time outside with mama usually, and he likes to watch movies or T.V. shows with my sister and I. Recently, we watched “America’s Got Talent†and “American Ninja Warriorâ€. He also started watching the “Lord of the Ring†series with my sister. I was in the room, but I was not really into it. One of the characters freaked me out in the second movie.

Dad also watches me play a video game I like every once in a while. Once, he played while I was teaching him. It was pretty funny. I told him I wanted to teach him again soon. I think it would be so much fun if we played together.

Another bond I share with my dad is basketball. Even though I do not play for my school anymore, we still shoot some hoops outside in the driveway. I just got a new basketball goal for Christmas and still love it. No matter how much he loves me playing basketball, he still supported my decision. I love to play the game “horse†with him outside. It is a fun basketball game to play. 

He always tries to help and comfort everyone. No matter how many problems he has on his mind, he puts them aside and helps others. I want him to know that he can come to me if he ever wants to talk. I know I am the kid, but I can always help.

I love you, dad and nothing will ever change that. You are fantastic, super, and amazing. I will always be here for you, as you are for me. I love and miss you the most, no backsies squirrel… I mean dad! You guys might not know what that means because it’s a family thing.