Christmas Day

A close up of the branches of a christmas tree

I read recently that American 15 year olds rank 33rd among industrialized countries in math.  In science they ranked 27th.    I agree with W.E. Williams when he said “Few people appreciate the implications of poor math preparation.  Math, more than anything else, teaches one how to think logically.  If one graduates from high school with little or no preparation in algebra, geometry and a bit of trig, he is likely to find whole areas of academic study, as well as the highest paying jobs, hermetically sealed off from him for his entire life.†   I know, there are exceptions, but for the most part I believe what he said is true.  If I had it to do over, I would have tried harder in math and science and I would have tried to be more influential with my children in those areas.  I wish one of my teachers had imparted this information to me early in life (and I hope I would’ve listened).   Ah, the clarity of hindsight!

The other morning I had breakfast at a local restaurant with my daughter (Debby) and uncle KD’s wife (Mary).   It was so good to set down with family and enjoy a good meal and good conversation.   The conversation was easy and relaxed and no tears were shed, although all three of us were still grieving our loss on December 6th.   I left the restaurant knowing that we would pick up with our lives, but carry KD in our hearts wherever we went.

I took our little boat (Puffer) out of the water the other day after a short ride up the canal.   I was surprised how well the anti-foul paint worked on keeping barnacles off the bottom of the boat.  I cranked up the old power washer and, with biodegradable bleach feeding into the hose, cleaned it as clean as a whistle.   The little 5 horsepower motor was flushed with fresh water for ½ hour and now everything is stowed for the winter, waiting for spring to arrive.  I used it about 4 times this year.  I wonder if that is enough to justify its existence in my life?  Let’s wait and see how it goes next year.

Christmas was very good.  My daughter, Jerilyn’s mother and her son Dean and his family (Kathy, Chris, Brandon) helped us celebrate on Christmas Day.  Jerilyn prepared breakfast, consisting of French toast and pancakes and Kathy fried some delicious bacon.  Afterward, we opened presents and enjoyed each other’s company.  My son was in TN enjoying his Christmas with his family and Jerilyn’s son Mark was in Florida with his wife Rachel, soaking up the sun and enjoying the good life.  Jerilyn and I attended the Candlelight Service at our church on Christmas Eve and it was very moving.  This time of the year always leave me feeling good.  Sometimes, it is hard for me to get the “Christmas Spiritâ€, but this year it seemed to come so easy.  Maybe, I needed the Lord in my life more this year.

My Uncle Claude is home from the hospital after suffering a heart attack several weeks ago.  I understand his left foot is numb and he is on dialysis 3 times a week.  I pray for him every day.

When I was a young man I remember attending church one day and the minister said to the congregation “If anyone here has a special need, form a line right here in front of the pulpit and I will pray for you.†  I stood in line and finally it came my turn to be prayed for.  “Ok, young manâ€, the minister said, “what’s your problem?† I told him “I’ve got a hearin’ problemâ€.   Well, he put his hands on both my ears and prayed for 10 minutes.  After he removed them he asked me “Son, how’s your hearin’ now?†   â€œI dunnoâ€, I replied, “It’s not until next week†   I am so full of it!

I hope you’re enjoying the Christmas season.  Thanks for reading my weekly missive.


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