Happy New Year 2008!


Well, the New Year arrived without too much bluster. We had friends over to help us celebrate. Being the old people we are, we watched a movie (Anti-Trust) and then drank champagne at midnight. I crawled into bed around 2:00 am wondering where all the years had gone. A while back I attempted to identify something that happened each year since I reached adulthood (or, some semblance of it) and each year I attempt to create a list of the good and bad things that happened. I find it gives me some perspective on the ebb and flow of my life. I have so much to be thankful far, but, I also have sadness in my life. How we handle the sadness says a lot about who we are. I know that I’m not very good at it.

Thanks, to all of you that have chosen to continue receiving this weekly missive. I was impressed with the number of people that elected to continue. You will not be receiving notice about my blog being updated, but it will be updated before this e-mail is sent. If you prefer the blog instead, let me know and I will send only the notification of its posting. I know some of you have trouble reading the e-mail version.

I have completed the preparation of a web page at www.mem.com on my Uncle KD. If you are interested in it, click on the site, complete the search box (last name: McCoy; first name: Phillip). It was a work of love.

A group of friends and I helped Jerilyn celebrate her 66th birthday yesterday. We had a great meal at Steak & Ale and a lot of good conversation ensued. I am surely blessed to have since a wonderful mate. For 22 days we are the same age and then, on the 30th , I jump a year ahead of her. I always have a lot of fun with that, touting that I “married a younger womanâ€. The audio book that I’m currently listening to, The Art of Aging, says that as we age we are obligated to live in such a way that the younger generations will respect us. I take that to mean no bullying, whining, or expecting to be cared for when we can do for ourselves. I also believe it means keeping a positive and cheerful outlook on life and planning each day so it will be pleasant and enjoyable. The author says that as we get older we should acquire wisdom. That, he says, is acquired from obtaining fact, converting those facts to knowledge and then, seamlessly, wisdom will evolve. I think I’m still in the evolving stage.

Our weather continues to jump all over the place. Yesterday’s temp was in the mid-60’s and today much of the same is expected. I’m sure cold weather will be back, but right now being outside is a pleasant experience. All the leaves have been gathered and taken to the city dump, the yard has been swept clean and all is well. I am in the process of doing the maintenance on my lawn care equipment. I learned from an uncle a long time ago to do the maintenance on my equipment during the winter months and it has served me well.

Travel plans for the year are starting to fall into place. We plan on visiting relatives and friends in CA during February, visiting PA & CT in the spring and a trip to Hawaii in July. All of this, of course, is dependent on how well Jerilyn’s mom is doing health wise. We will know more about the February trip later this month. Right now, it’s just in the planning stage. I’m also looking forward to several visits back home in southwest VA. A trip to TN to visit my grand-daughters and great grand-daughter’s are also anticipated. In between all this, we will work in a trip to Winston-Salem, NC to visit with my cousin Jesse. He is in the midst of a battle with cancer and I’m always amazed at his positive attitude. I shouldn’t be surprised; he has a powerful belief in God and is steadfast in believing he will whip this terrible affliction.