Easy Solution

A crown of thorns and a stick on the ground.

It seemed as though the rain would never stop yesterday, but it did.  The yard is soaked.  Thankfully, the sun is out and things are starting to dry out.  The steady wind will facilitate that process.  I stayed inside all day Sunday, except for our attendance at church.  The service was conducted by the children of our church and was, indeed, refreshing.  It give me a great feeling of satisfaction to see our young people active in our church.  I didn’t get a lot done yesterday, other than catching up on my reading, doing some PC maintenance and generally aggravating Jerilyn with my daily nonsense.

Saturday, we went to our first baseball game of the season.  Jerilyn’s youngest grandson (Brandon) was starting his Little League season.  His team lost, but Brandon did well, catching for several innings and then pitching for several more.  My mother always told me that when the Forsythia bloomed it was spring time.  I prefer to believe that when you attend your first baseball game spring has started.

Well, I got the results of my blood test the other day.  Seems as though you do not get the readings you used to get for your cholesterol.  They go by particles now.  My reading was 1900 and should be 1000.  My doctor wants to put me on Vytorin right away.  I called him back and requested that we wait a month and get another test before I start.  He agreed.  Doctors are too quick to prescribe medicine.  I wonder why they don’t give you alternatives?  I think he should start by saying “don’t eat this†and “eat as much of this as you canâ€.  How about, “exercise more and harder and get more sleepâ€.  Why do we always look for the easiest solution?  I do not mind making sacrifices if they are necessary.

The test also indicated that my PSA (prostate) readings have gone from 3.3 to 5.0 .  An appointment has been made with an urologist and further test will commence.  A high PSA reading is not uncommon for men in my age group and I feel confident that everything will be fine.

Since yesterday was a day to stay inside, I decided to do something other than read all day.  So, I took out the piggy bank that holds the spare change that I refuse to carry around and decided to put it in wrappers and take it to the bank today ($45).  I knew that I could take the container to the bank and they would dump it into some machine that would count it in no time at all.   But, wrapping your spare change takes me back many, many years.  Back to a simpler time when life was uncomplicated and mostly straight forward.  I cannot remember anyone in my childhood that had yearly health exams, had their cholesterol and PSA checked and went to the dentist (without having a toothache).  We were probably healthier back then because there were so many things to do that did not involve sitting down.

In closing, I would like to comment on the Don Imus situation.  Yes, I think what he said was just awful.  The people that tune in to his show, in my opinion, expect him to say out loud what they may secretly feel or agree with.   I will not lose any sleep because he was fired.  Now, let’s fire some rappers.  We need to turn our ire toward anyone that trash women, regardless of race.  It appears, to me, that our civility towards other inhabitants of this wonderful planet has taken a decided turn for the worse.  What can we do to change things?  Maybe, firing Don Imus is a first step!

Thanks, for reading my weekly ramblings.  Hope everything is fine in your corner of the world.


“They deem me mad because I will not sell my days for gold; and I deem them mad because they think my days have a price.”

Kahlil Gibran