Roof Replacement

A boy is building a birdhouse with a hammer.

Well, this past week has been hectic.  It seems that our roof needs replacing and the gutters  along with some damaged wood  needs replacing also.  We have had several people give us estimates and their prices run all over the place.  Each person assuring us they will do a better, more reliable, job and  finish in record time.    The disparity in price is discouraging, but, the real worrisome part is the amount of time that has to pass before they can begin the work.  I’m guessing the one that said two weeks really means 3-4 weeks and the one that said 4 weeks really means 5-6 weeks.  The 3rd guy will give us his estimate soon.

I hopped on the scales this past Friday to check my weight and was pleasantly surprised.  I had to do a double take and peer closely at the numbers pulsating back at me.  My, my, my, 198.5 .  The last time I was below 200 lbs was back when Hurricane Isabel came through and wreaked havoc in our yard.  Isabel was the deadliest and costliest of the Atlantic hurricanes that year, blasting it way into our lives in September of  2003.  It took me a month to cut the trees and move them to the street for pickup by the city of Poquoson.  You would be hard pressed to imagine the velocity of the smile that streaked across my face on this very handsome past Friday .  Some days are really more pleasant than others!

I have a close friend that recently flew with his wife and two of his grandchildren to Arizona.  They had plans to take several tours and then take in the sights of the Grand Canyon.  He was having trouble getting a good night’s sleep before he left, averaging about 3 hours a night.   Several days after arriving he had to check into the hospital and spent the rest of his vacation being diagnosed and treated for whatever the doctors thought the problem was.   They are back home now and he is recovering.

Jerilyn and I had two long-time friends over for dinner last Saturday evening.  It has been several years since we broke bread with them and it is always a pleasure.  They are good conversationalist and the evening seemed to fly by.  Before I knew it, it was time for them to go home.  Fortunately, they just live down the street and did not have far to go since they don’t like to drive at night.  Good friends should eat together more often, don’t you think?

I have two close relatives that are concerned that their cancer has returned after a short period of remission.   This dreadful disease surely takes its toll in worry and pain.  We are not sure yet, but you always suspect the worst when dealing with this ruthless enemy.

This missive will end on a good note.  Jerilyn and I arose early Sunday morning and headed off to church.  We enjoyed the company of many of our good church going friends and left refreshed after hearing the word of God.

As always, thanks for reading.


“Most of us love from our need to love, not because we find someone deserving.”

Nikki Giovanni