Perfect Part-Time Job

A golf course with green grass and trees.

Well, our much anticipated trip to California did not happen.  Jerilyn’s mother (Gladys) called us last Thursday in extreme pain.   She is currently in the “Health Care†section of her retirement community with nurses always close by.  Her x-rays indicate a broken vertebrae.   Some type of operation is being discussed.   The pain has decreased some over the last few days.

I replaced my analog cable modem last week.  It worked fine, but I was notified by our cable provider (Cox) they no longer supported that type of modem, so, I purchased a digital one on e-Bay.   If anyone can use it, you are welcome to it.   Just supply me with the mailing address.  It is a Toshiba PCX 1100U.  Check with your cable provider to insure they support it.

I have a friend (Dale) that retired recently and, as retirees often do, started working part-time.   Now, it seems to me at least, that he has the perfect part-time job.  He works at Kings Mill Golf Course one weekend a month, gets to play the course for free and gets a free case of beer once a month.  I’ll bet there’s something illegal about that job.  You know the old saying “If it sounds too good to be true, etcâ€.    I wonder what your perfect part-time job would be.  Mine would be working at Ben Jerry’s Ice Cream shop one weekend a month and getting free ice cream all the time.  Or, working at Starbucks and getting all the free coffee I could gulp down.

Jerilyn and I have been watching the baseball championship series on TV.  I’m pulling for Boston in the American League and Colorado in the National.   Jerilyn likes the Bosox, but wants the Arizona Diamondbacks to win in the National League.  I am a very fortunate guy.  I have a wife that will watch any type of ballgame.  Truth be known, she wants to watch more ball games than I do.   My theory?   There’s a ballgame gene in each and every woman.  99.9% of the time that gene is turned off.  Occasionally, by mistake, that gene gets turned on and voila!    I believe a lot of problems between men and women could be avoided if her ballgame gene was turned on.   I am considering asking Jerilyn to submit to a battery of test to discover which gene is responsible.   What a contribution to mankind!   Now if she could only find the dishwashing gene in me.

Each day I try to visit the website and see what item they are selling for the day.   I have been doing this for several years and over time have bought many things from them.   Their prices always allow a good savings and their products are probably things that are not selling well.  Last week I purchased a home theater product by Sound Matters called MAINstage for $125.   It sells at Amazon for $400.  It is one unit and sets easily on top of our 43†TV.  The sound is terrific.  It comes on when the TV is turned on and goes off two minutes after the TV is turned off.  You can hook up an optional subwoofer to increase the already impressive sound.  I am currently using my sniper program to snag one on e-Bay.  TV movies just got a lot better!  My Washington Redskins lost yesterday.  Surround Sound did not help them any.

It has been 6 weeks since we have received any rain.   All our green stuff looks so pitiful.   Jerilyn has been trying to give them a bit of wetness via the water sprinkler and her trusty water bucket, but they sure need so some rain.   The grass I planted in early September has been in need of some serious water.  Maybe, God will send us some soon.

My Uncle KD and Cousin Jesse continue to fight their cancer.   Both of them remain in good spirit and are determined to beat this dreadful invasion of their body.   I plan on visiting my brother Jerry in the near future (he’s about an hour away).  He has been confined to a wheelchair for several years.    Sometimes, life seems to be so unfair.

I have included a recent pic of Jerilyn (isn’t she beautiful!).   I’m a lucky guy.

I hope you’re enjoying your autumn, or whatever season it is in your part of the world


“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

Mark Twain