Winter Vegetable Garden


This past Saturday I ran in the Mariners Museum 10K race (6.2 miles).  There were about 250 runners of various ages, sizes and shapes.  I finished 2nd in my age group (65 and over).  My time:  67 minutes & 18 seconds.  The last time I ran the race my time was 74:05.  So, I was pleasantly surprised when I came out of the woods and observed the sign at the finish line flashing 66 minutes.   I turned on the afterburner and whizzed past a young woman in her 30’s I had followed for several miles.  I contemplated following her to the finish line, but changed my mind and dashed to the end amid wild cheers and lots of jubilation.  I glanced around furtively, looking for a TV camera or reporter but spotted none.  I looked for my fans but only found one.   Then I realized the 15 minute thingy was a dream I had the night before the race.   Celebrity is so hard to attain.

I started work on my winter vegetable garden yesterday.  Unfortunately, the only vegetable being planted is winter onions.  Jerilyn and I enjoy having the green tops of onions in our salad, hence the need to keep a steady flow of them growing.   I emptied our compost pile and mixed it in with our garden soil, hoping to grow them King Kong size.   My plan is to plant 1.5 lbs now and after they start, plant another 1.5 lbs.   If you are around us and happen to smell our breath, you will know the source of the problem.   I must admit that I am not much of a gardener, often spending more creating one then the value of what we get from it at harvest time.   But, if I factor in the joy I derive from the planning, seeding and great expectations, I always get more for my investment then what I spend.   Most of us have known someone that could make anything grow.  I have several relatives that own that skill.   One, in particular, has tried to impart some of his knowledge on to me, but to no avail.   Thanks for trying Jesse.

A close friend and family member enjoys cycling.  She rides a gazillion miles each year and often participates in very long bike rides.  The other day she was struck by a passing SUV.   She went to the hospital and after careful examination, was released to go home with instructions to see an orthopedic surgeon within several days.  She is banged up and bruised and has a brace on one leg, requiring her to use crutches.  It appears she was struck by the mirror on the SUV.   Fortunately, she will be able resume her passion for cycling before very long (being young helps you recover quickly).   We are very lucky that someone we love so much was not injured severely.   If we look closely at the tragedies that occur in our lives, most times we can find a blessing.

Jerilyn’s mother (Gladys) is still recovering from a fractured vertebrae.   The pain has mostly subsided and she is able to get out of the bed on her own and go to the bathroom.  She still complains a lot.   I guess when you are 89 years old that is a constant condition.  We are hoping that within 3-4 weeks she will be able to go back to her apartment within the retirement community.  She is currently in the health care unit of the community.   She, of course, expects Jerilyn to visit her every day.   We are trying to change that, but with little success.   What is so sad is that she seems to be more intent on dying then getting better.   She figures that since husband Henry died (2001), life is no longer worth living.  Jerilyn and I have tried to show her how many blessings she still has in life (children/grandchildren), but she will have no part of it.  I sometimes wonder what she will say when The Lord says to her “Gladys, what did you do with the years I gave you after Henry died?†   “Well,†says she, “I did not want to live longer than Henry and wanted you to take me also.†  Says Our Lord “Gladys, it is my will, not yours, that must be done.  I gave you the opportunity to do good things after Henry’s passing and you failed to do so.  What is your excuse?†  I have no idea what her response will be.  Of course, all of us will probably have some answering to do when we get there.   I’m still working on my answer.

I hope you’re enjoying your autumn, or whatever season it is in your part of the world


“You can’t depend on your eyes when your imagination is out of focus.”

Mark Twain