Religion & Evolution Thoughts

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As we all know, there are two competing theories on how we, and our planet, came into existence.  The Christian bible tells us that God created Heaven & Earth in 6 days.  Science gives us the following timeline:

4.5 Billion years ago – Earth was created

450 Million years ago – Plants colonize the Earth

370 Million years ago – Amphibans leave water

365 Million years ago – First animals have limbs

6 Million years ago – Apes walked upright

2 Million years ago – Man created fire

33 Thousand years ago – Dogs were domesticated

3.5 Thousand years ago – The wheel was invented

Now some more interesting developments:

1519   First trip around the world

1625   First blood transfusion

1656   Clock invented

1751   Electricity discovered

1839   First photograph

1856   First Refrigerator invented

1876   First telephone invented

1941   I was born 😊

1975   First PC invented ( I got my first one around that time)

1998   Google founded

2001   Twin Towers destroyed

2007   First iPhone invented

2008  Financial Crisis in USA

2020  Coronavirus COVID-19 spreads all over the world.  Everybody stays home except in Sweden

As you have probably noticed, the birth of Jesus is not on this list. So, how do we, as individuals, reconcile the science version of our existence with the non-secular view?  For those of us that believe in a God, without tangible proof, it is based on faith.  If you look at the complexity of the human body you should be skeptical  that it could evolve into such a masterpiece.  Doctors specialize in various parts of the human anatomy because of their complexity.

We know that if any of our organs cease to function, we die.  That would require that if the human body evolved, then all of it’s organs would have to evolve at the same time in order for it to survive.  So, to me, the theory of evolution requires faith also.

Furthermore, the human brain is so complex that we, after all these years, barely understand how it works.  How could anything so complex evolve?

I guess, what I’m trying to say is that there is a possibility that either of the two theories (evolution/Religion) can be right.  Evolution has tangible evidence, whereas, religion has only faith.

The most obvious question is, can the two theories co-exist?  Personally, I believe that is entirely possible.

I believe it absolutely necessary to believe in a higher power, to believe that our actions are being monitored, thus encouraging us to live useful lives, aware of the needs of others as well as ourselves.  If religion does nothing else, it requres us, at a minimum, to live a respectful, purposeful life.

Evolution only ask that we look back, to see how things were many years ago, and compare it to today.  Yes, they can reliably show that man walked upright 6 million years ago, but that does not mean that in some other place on this planet man wasn’t already walking upright.

Ultimately, each of us have to decide whether we need to pick sides, or, accept both as integral parts of our life.

As for me?  I accept both and sleep well at night, knowing that My God watches over every move I make and tries to encourage me to do the right thing.  I’m a better person because of my belief (“Do unto others as you would have them do unto you†– Book of Luke 6:31).

“Your faith is what you believe, not what you know.†….John Spalding