Smile Anyway!… by JoAnn

Two cats sitting on top of a hill with clouds in the background.

When you wake

To the new day dawning

With clouds of gray

And storms looming

Grab your umbrella

And smile anyway

When everyone you meet

Seems stressed and beat

Hold your head high

And show them how

To smile anyway

When a friend lets you down

Leaving your heart wounded and hurting

Remember true friends are a rarity

Forgive quickly

And smile anyway

If your bones are aching

And begging for some mercy

Remember what a blessing

For your body to be moving

And smile anyway

When you make the same mistake

You made last year

And that time before

Give yourself a break

And smile anyway

When money’s a ghost

But bills are many

Be thankful for the little things

That are free for the taking

And smile anyway

When your heart is missing

That person you so loved

Don’t get lost in the grieving

Let your soul dance in the memories

And find a smile anyway

For life is short

And time is fleeting

Grab the next second

Like it’s the last you will own

Squeeze it for all its potential

And do it smiling