USA Without A Plan

A goal without a plan is just a wish

Well, it has been exactly two months (3/15—5/15/20) since our country stopped being normal.  COVID-19 made sure that our planet knows who’s the boss.  Worldwide, the economy has screeched to a halt, people are critically ill and so far, 84,0000 Americans have died.  This Friday (5/15), forty-eight of our 50 states started relaxing their rules to allow businesses to reopen and people to go back to work.  That worries me a lot.  To put this in perspective, let’s say that we are in a war and everyone in your group has to walk across a minefield that has not been cleared by detectors.  If you make it across you are safe from the enemy but the risk is great that you will not.  If you stay put, you can see your enemy, but there is the possibility your unit with the mine detectors (vaccines) will show up and lead you to safety before they arrive.  It seems reasonable to me that our best chance at surviving is to stay put and wait.  The odds of us getting across that minefield without help are slim and none, and slim just left town.  

Some of our citizens are protesting the shutdown of our economy, carrying guns and signs that say, “God isn’t afraid of COVID-19â€.  I assume the guns aren’t loaded, else the sheriff would arrest them.  If they were loaded, things could get really bad, really quick, and I’m inclined to think loaded guns at a protest is a terrible idea. 

The sign about God and COVID-19 makes even less sense.  I agree that He is not afraid of that virus but that does not mean he is going to intervene.  If you have even the slightest knowledge of history, you know that God never inserts himself into our conflicts.  To my reading of the bible he only promises to be with us through our struggles, not prevent them.  Yes, I know that you can find many instances of God intervening in struggles in the old testament, but I know of none after the passing of His Son Jesus.  I would not walk across that minefield believing God would not allow me to be blown to bits.  However, I would be confident that he would welcome me into Heaven.